AdgaurdHome's Query Log timestamp differs from the router time

The router time is Mon Feb 8 08:47:59 +07 2021, the AdgaurdHome time is Mon Feb 8 01:47:59

AR750S, 3.105 AGH Beta

Thank you.

Does AdguardHome has another timezone setting?

I’ve looked through the settings there was no timezone setting.

AdGuardHome is a separate third-party software, and the time zone may not be in sync with the router.

Will this be fixed in the 3.2 firmware?
And just another question. Will AdgaurdHOme be integrated into the 3.2 firmware while it’s in Beta?

Thank you.

The AR750s will not integrate AdGuardHome by default, but we will provide a package that you can install in a plugin.
I may need to repeat and analyze the time mismatch.

The time mismatch still exists in the 3.201 firmware, gl-agh-stats 3.0.4-1 and AR750S.

Thank you.