AR750 OpenVPN Client & firmware v3 - how to fail closed?

I am setting up my new AR750 to run my VPN client over open wifi connections such as in hotels. I upgraded to firmware ver. 3 because that included a fix which allows clients to use the VPN’s DNS settings.

Is there a way under firmware v.3 to stop routing traffic if the VPN client disconnects? It looks like there was an option for this under firmware v2 but I don’t see that in v3. I don’t want my traffic going through unencrypted should the vpn client fail for some reason.


I would advise to stay clear of V3, for now, if you are worried about leaks.
Read this:

let’s say there is two issues:

If you disable vpn manually, no matter in v2 or v3, data will go through normal vpn.

If vpn connected is enabled but failed, in v3, there will be no data to the Internet.

Just in v3 there is no easy way to change server without disconnecting first. But we are adding this and there will be a beta firmware with this very soon.

Thanks for the reply, aizhao. I am glad to know it is working as I wished in v3. However, as a related question is there a way to prevent leakage when we are accepting a hotel or public wiif’s terms of service? In those cases, the VPN has to first be disconnected so we can visit the terms of service page. Once accepted, our data flows in the clear until we can start the VPN. I’ve posted this question in a new thread to make it more accessible to others:


I know this is a problem. But current there is no good solution.

Designing a solution but still in early stage.