AR750/S: New 3.203-0618 Snapshot Firmware


What modifications/improvements have been made in 3.203-0618, in relation to 3.201-0402. There is no ReleaseNote.txt file in 3.203 AR750S or AR750 folder.
In other words, how does updating the firmware really benefit me?

if you’re not facing any issues, don’t be in a rush.

Yes, that’s why I ask to know what things have changed.
I never rush because I know this are snapshots/previews/beta firmwares, but at least a little ReleaseNotes in firmware folder like the others previous snapshots to inform users what is new in these releases I think it will be OK for all of us.
Thank you

If dev has come across this thread, please look into this issue on AR750s.

Thank you.

Fixing some security bugs and DNS leak.

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Asking you the same as before…what things change with new firmwares?
Can you be more specific than DNS or security bugs. I think we deserve more info about changes you make in our routers, please.
I don’t think it’s very difficult to make a RelaseNote.txt with the changes you have made each time you make a new firmware even it’s a snapshot or a beta release.
Thank you.

It is nightly build and don’t have release notes.

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See follow: