AT+COPS=? not working

My T-Mobile SIM card can register on T-Mobile / Sprint / AT&T. I am trying to set the preferred operator, every time I send AT+COPS=?, I get SIM card cannot be registered. Please check: 1. You are using the compatible modem for your carrier; 2. Whether a specific APN or data plan is required. (Internet still works tho) and no AT commands work any more ERROR: Failed to execute command!

from EP06&EG06&EM06_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.0, 6.1. AT+COPS Operator Selection, this test command should return available operators. Is this a firmware issue?

GL-X750 with Firmware: 3.215 stable.

Looks like the majority of AT commands in EP06&EG06&EM06_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.0 do not work. Is there a firmware update available for EP06-A?

What is your current EP06-A firmware? Can you just send me a screenshot?

I can give you a guide to upgrade it.


I’d also be interested if there’s a firmware update to see if it fixes the issues I have with SMS messaging.

Mine shows the same modem ID as above.


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