At my school , I have problems getting wifi connection via Beryl

At my school , I have problems getting wifi connection via Beryl.

This is what I repeatedly get after pasting in the wifi password.

Beryl router
— > No Internet Connection! Find new networks to reconnect.
— > “Wrong key” message.

…Things I have done:

I have disabled “DNS Rebinding Attack Protection” feature in Beryl router , according to

Tried using MAC Clone.

No captive portal.

All without success.

Any other workaround?

Please advise.

Thank you very much.

It may be the same problem reported in this thread:

“In WiFi settings, change bandwidth to fixed e.g. HT20. Do not use HT20/HT40.
Do this for both 2.4G and 5G wifi.”

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Thanks a million.

I shall give it a shot and let you know the results.

3.212 snapshot fixed the “wrong key” bug

Unfortunately, 3.212b1 has introduced the “wrong key” problem on my Mango. I can’t connect to my local networks in repeater mode. Rolling back to 3.211 fixed the problem for me.

Is there anything special with your wifi or key? e.g. length and special characters?

I test again and I can connect Mango to wifi as repeater without problems. I tested several wifi and iphone hotspot as well.

It only displays “wrong key” when I put a wrong key.

Your help to replicate this problem is highly appreciated.

Here is the solution I found to my problem,