Brume (GL-MV1000) & Mullvad Wireguard

When I try adding Mullvad Wireguard configs to the Router, it downloads exactly 183 servers and then stops with the message “Error: Parameter already exists”. How do I get the missing profiles - around 700 in total I think - without entering them manually? A function to upload a zip file containing the profiles would be great.

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It seems to be a known bug:

Do you need all 700+ Mullvad servers? You can manually load the set of configs you will use.

Yes i need all of them since I am in a area with not so free Internet. Have to switch locations often until I find a working server. Uploading them manually is not an option as that takes ages. Guess I replace the Router by a Server PC to route all traffic through the VPN until this bug is fixed, if ever.

I have the same exact problem - "it downloads exactly 183 servers and then stops with the message “Error: Parameter already exists”

By default the UK servers are missing.

I’ve had the router for a little over a year now and the device has never imported all Mullvad server locations. Not even once. I can download all configs directly from Mullvad in a single zip file, but can’t upload it to the router and would need to copy and paste every single config incl. naming it. Wtf? The function is available with OpenVPN configs and works perfectly fine. Why not do the same with Wireguard? Would be an easy fix.

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Just uploaded all UK servers configs one by one today :sob: :sob: :sob:
The pain is real.


I feel your pain :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

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Honestly… that‘s not the point nor question I posed.

If you offer „automatic setup“, then make it work, or don‘t offer it.

Yes I can set all my Wireguard connections by hand, and I don’t need 700 Servers.

But why offer a „automatic setup“ then.

Plus: This issue keeps coming back. So I guess gl.iNet should be interested them selves to fix it for good.


@spamatiki, Why are asking me? I don’t work for GL.iNet.

This is a User Forum and I was replying to @Fastpatch as a user. You did not pose any question in this thread.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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Pls, fixing and will post firmware update asap.

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Thing is, I am not even sure the problem is caused by GL.inet because after the last firmware update a while ago it imported around 400 Mullvad configs. Not perfect, but much better than the 183 configs it imports today. I might be wrong, but the issue could be on Mullvads site… not sure. However, if GL.inet enables importing of zip files containing many configs, similar as it does currently for Open VPN configs, this would be no longer any issue… at least for me.

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Could really be just a time-out, when talking to Mullvads Servers.

That would be a solution for me too: “if GL.inet enables importing of zip files containing many configs” in Wireguard. Then you just pick your choice of servers, zip those configs, and upload’em all at once.