Cannot repeat Network GL-AXT1800

Hello All,

took the plunge at took my GL-AXT1800 from 4.2.0 Release 2, to 4.2.1.
If I run on 4.2.1, I can connect WWAN, but the local network SSID vanishes.
However 4.2.0 release 3 works perfectly, and can repeat the network.

I have seen a number of people report this, mostly on the old 4.1.x firmware.
This is the first time I have experienced it on any GL-INET actually.

Wifif is pretty busy around here.
I have an MT3000 Beeryl, transmitting a80MHz on channel 52.
I can connect the AXT1800 no problem to this on all versions of firmware, but as soon as I do, the wlan nework vanishes, and nothing can connect to it.

I have reverted the firmware back to 4.2.0 r3, and the problem goes away.

Known issue in 4.2.1?
If not how do we go about getting telemetary to make the next firmware better?


Snapshot build has been working pretty good for a week now.
Do you know what version UBoot is? There was a bug that caused a issue similar to yours and needs to be updated.

Hello K3rn3l_Ku5h

Thanks for that - when I downgrqded to 4.2.0,I used uboot method, so perhaps that is the reason?

I’ll try a uboot upgrade once I have repaired my Rasperrby PI, assumed it was that to begin with, and now it will not complete boot - headless, so reimage time there as well!

thanks for th info


Hi All,
Still the problem persists after upgrade to 4.2.1.

I used de-brick method to upgrade to 4.2.1.
Set timezone.
Noted my PC could see the default 5G network from the router
Set up the repeater to repeat the network (channel 52).
Once this had completed I could no longer see the 5G network (it took time to vanish from list but could not connect).

My uboot version is uboot2.0 version:21.12.01 according to /uboot.html

Does the uboot need upgrading (I was not sure if this was part of the 4.2.1 img upgrade or not, guessing not). If so where do I get the AXT1800 uboot image from, your links took me to AX1800 -which I think is different chipset.


GL-AXT1800 Slate AX and GL-AX1800 Flint are the exact same processor and chips only difference is that the GL-AXT1800 has a fan, one less ethernet port, SD card slot, Power/reset button and a mode switch.

U-Boot does not update with firmware, it must be updated separately!

The latest u-boot is 22.07.10 for the chip.

If you don’t feel comfortable about it you can contact @hansome

Read the uboot instructions for upgrade carefully, and then read them again :smile:, as the page to update is slightly different then the uboot GL.iNet firmware.

Hope that solves your problem

@JerryZhao Please help to check this issue.

Thanks for the feedback.
I will actually read the docs this time!
See if I can give it a go over the weekend, I think I have a spare AXT1800, if I do manage to brick this one.


Have the same issue on 4.2.1.