Cant’t connect to a Hotel Wi-Fi Marriott Bonvoy property

Despite following suggestion at Connect to Captive Portal - GL.iNet Docs to “ disable DNS Rebinding Attack Protection .

Totally unable to use Beryl at Sheraton Amsterdam Airport (a Marriott Bonvoy property) which has no password but requires user to accept hotel conditions before granting access. Blocked from reaching content page using Beryl. I had no problem logging in with no password from iPhone and iPad, but obviously insecure. This is a huge international hotel chain and something I think you should address quickly…

Search here for captive portal. There will be a bunch of posts with various ways to trigger the page. Try going to and see if that triggers the portal page.

Otherwise, login from the iPhone, copy the MAC address of the phone down, use MAC Clone on the Beryl and then try connecting.

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Try the procedure by lfewarez in this thread:

When you open a browser to go to the portal, do not click on any saved URLs, as they are almost certainly HTTPS, which doesn’t work with some portals. Type in: and try that.

Can you let me know which is the situation:

  1. Beryl cannot connect to Marriott wifi at all.
  2. Beryl connected to the wifi but cannot pop up the portal page.

Beryl did connect to Marriott after I disable DNS Rebinding Attack Protection, and brought up a blank page I took to be the portal but with an error message.

From what I remember, Marriott use some technology preventing connecting routers, i.e. you cannot connect at all.

But as you can connect, it seems there is hope.

This post said he solved this issule but I still wonder how Had to force enable WiFi connection on MT-1300 at Courtyard Marriott

Also find this post Can't successfully connect to Marriott Hotels as repeater - #30 by kennethrc

Check if they left cookie(s) in your browser from the previous access and delete if so.