DDNS Failing (MT6000)

Since yesterday, I’ve been encountering an issue with my DDNS service not updating correctly. I’ve been using a DNS checker tool to verify the status, and it consistently returns no IP for my DDNS hostname.

Upon checking the system logs for any clues, I encountered a recurring pattern related to the DDNS update attempts. Here’s an anonymized snippet of the logs that highlights the issue:

[Date] user.warn ddns-scripts[xxxx]: glddns: Get registered/public IP for '[hostname]' failed - retry x/x in 60 seconds
[Date] daemon.notice netifd: wan (xxxx): udhcpc: sending renew to server [DHCP server IP]
[Date] daemon.notice netifd: wan (xxxx): udhcpc: lease of [Leased IP] obtained from [DHCP server IP], lease time 1200
[Date] user.err ddns-scripts[xxxx]: glddns: BusyBox nslookup error: '1'
[Date] user.warn ddns-scripts[xxxx]: glddns: NO valid IP found
[Date] user.err ddns-scripts[xxxx]: glddns: cURL Error: '6'
[Date] user.warn ddns-scripts[xxxx]: glddns: Transfer failed - retry x/x in 60 seconds

The error messages NO valid IP found and cURL Error: ‘6’ seems to be the culprit, suggesting that the script is unable to retrieve or update the public IP associated with my DDNS hostname.

This has been working up till yesterday, but now I keep getting the above error.

My GL.iNet DDNS has also been failing for the past two days.

DNS queries to glddns.com do not resolve. The authoritative DNS servers (NS1.GLDDNS.COM, and NS2.GLDDNS.COM) are pointed to an AWS ip address Queries to fail. For example:

 *dig A +noadditional +noquestion +nocomments +nocmd +nostats zxxxxxx.glddns.com. @ returns:*
 **;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached**

Here’s a post about the same problem: https://forum.gl-inet.com/t/glddns-com-not-resolving/37743/10

That explains it and if anything it kinda shows that no attention is actually put into these kind of things, but rather an afterthought to check another box off of the list of things to support.

But good to know this is not a new issue, just a shame Glinet haven’t actually bothered to fix it.

2 days later and the DDNS cluster is still down, is this service not monitored at all?

I created a status page that logs the uptime now and it is looking abysmal:

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Me too post.

My uptimerobot monitors are have been going on and off like yoyos for a few days now.

Yes, this issue has been for awhile now! GL.iNet staff reported that they were experiencing DDoS attacks, and they are working on load balanced geographically distributed DNS infrastructure.

Unfortunately my DDNS fail 8 out of 10 times as well!

Hopefully we get an update from GL about this matter.

I’m detecting another GL.iNet DDNS failure. As of 3/11/2024 5:40 pm EDT the ‘SOA’ record for GLDDNS.Com is not reachable because the address for ns1.glddns.com cannot be found.

dig SOA +noadditional +noquestion +nocomments +nocmd +nostats +multiline glddns.com. @ns1.glddns.com.

/usr/bin/dig: couldn’t get address for ‘ns1.glddns.com.’: not found

This has been an issue with gl DDNS for few months ! I really recommend that you look for other DDNS provider and then stop & disable the gl service on the modem altogether.

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