Does any one successfully setup syncthing on AXT-1800?

i have created similar post before but since then no working solution have found .

updated to the latest firmware. but the same problems persisted… whenever i start or restart the syncthing . AXT-1800 internal firmware auto change my mount into “ro” readonly.

doesn’t matter i use root or syncthing in /etc/config/syncthing or /etc/init.d/syncthing

non of them got my synching working.

keep kindly help me with this. i really need to use syncthing.

How about this one

Can you ask the user?

saw that post awhile ago …thought it’s an outdated post so ignore it.

yea but why not …let me uninstall mine and manually install this one see if it’s works :wink:

aaaar. that package are no longer exist …

I’m unsure how to check the status of Syncthing package in vanilla OpenWRT, is it still being maintained?

just updated to the new 4.1 firmware …like all the new available new functions …

but in regard of the synching. it’s still behave the exact same way …but this time at least I can easily got the log for it …

long story short …after the upgrade reinstall the synching 1.18 on the repo…
/etc/config/syncthing as synching user don’t have permission to do anything so I changed into “root”

it’s succesfully add the shared folder and synced a few MBs …then it’s stoped …

I checked with command cat /proc/mounts. found out that the file system automatically put it on readonly mode for some reason .

and the GUI kernel log show this …

anyone have any clue why it’s this happen ?

Use NTFS formatted SD card instead of ExFAT!
It seems to work nicely.

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aarrrr…I primary use Mac and linux (pi, truenas, ubuntu)… installing/maintaining fuse for my all others Mac/linux would not be ideal and comes with whole others set of issues. (read only, performance, write issues even if it’s works, sometime…)

I got 500-700g of video editing files using synching, every 2ish months. accessing it thru fuse would be pain in the butt.

I do have some windows in VM only run occasionally thro …but sharing it thro VM smb to Mac host , again …not very stable in my experince.