E3372h-607 in stick mode on Beryl AX (MT3000) not working / unreliable connection



I had a read of this GL-AXT1800 with e3372h in stick mode. No comgt-ncm package but it does not seem to be resolved. I flagged that thread back in Nov 22. Do we still need to add " package luci-proto-ncm in repository"?

Well I finally got around to converting my Huawei E3372h-607 to stick mode, now I have all the steps and all the software (Huawei Drivers, Balong usbloader, FW Update) that I need to do that as well as to out back the Orig IMEI (DC Unlocker) and Serial number (HxD). Was quite a journey, but that’s another story…

Note that in stick mode I do not have the DHCP issue with conflicts that are mentioned here often.

So then I was put it into the USB Port of my Beryl AX (MT 3000) in the misguided hope it would all work first time. Well…nope. It recognises the modem OK, serial is correct, even got it to connect once (solid blue light) and I can’t remember which setting that was on, auto or some attempt at manual.

Anyway I tried auto and got the various screens below. It seemed to conenct once (not sure what the 3 means, it is 3HK though), but then there was no internet (except one time as shown) but it invariably disconnects. Very unstable.

So I went into Manual settings but I realy have no idea in the slightest what I am looking at. One observation was that everytime I entered the Manual screen for a look it had changed to a different Protocol, like it was cycling through them, NCM, then QCM then QMI. I did not select those myself.

I checked the APN settings for 3HK but they were OK. The only setting I was brave enough to try was TTL 65 but no change.

I downloaded some logs as attached.

So, how can I can help troubleshoot this?


Modem-Debug.zip (919 Bytes)


E3372h is not yet fully supported. I will pay attention to the issue.

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OK I look forward to it; btw because I converted it to “Stick Mode”, it is now actually an E3372s.
With that in mind, can I assume your answer is the same?

Over a month on, any updates on this please?

We have done some debugging. The results of the current test require a specific card to occasionally link successfully.

This seems a bit cumbersome at the moment. We will continue this work if future conditions permit.


Hi six months on - any updates please?

I'm also considering to get an E3372s (stick mode). @SmurfonToast Any update on whether this should work?


No, GLiNET support still hasn’t come back on this one.

Seems like a little fish. :tropical_fish:.


hmm, I just received a E3372h-607, and it seems to be already converted to stick mode (plugging it to a PC prompts me to install the Mobile Partner app).

when I plug it to the Beryl AX, it works after the "Auto Setup" process. However the Beryl fails to detect the carrier name, and therefore SMS doesn't work.

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Out of interest if you install the mobile partner app on your PC, can you send SMS? Just to test the SIM works?