eSIM and GL-E750

I’m wondering if GL-E750 supports eSIM cards.

Not yet. eSIM depends on the service provider.

Not yet

Interesting. Do you have any plans to make it work?
Does GL-E750 already have a hardware support for this?

It does has space reserved for esim but never put into use.

As mentioned eSIM depends on the provider and the big three US providers have been very slow to adopt eSIM. And of all the MVNO’s only a few offer eSIM and only for iPhones.

@slava Hello . Interesting question, I’m also interested in this topic. But the problem is that now it’s closed source software and this is a big problem. No one knows what’s inside the code…

Over 1 year later, a lot more U.S. providers offer eSIM, including the big 3, but still no GL.iNet routers that support eSIM.

Which comes first … U.S providers or cellular device manufacturers? Did the rest of the world really have to wait for the U.S. big 3?

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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This seems true though.

  • Samsung Gear S2 had eSIM and was released in 2016.
  • Samsung S20 had eSIM and was released in 2020.
  • iPhone 11 had eSIM and was released in 2019.
  • iPad Air model A2123 had eSIM and was released in 2019.

I guess they were sold in the rest of the world then. Of course, having eSIM capability does not mean it cannot also take SIM card.

iPhone 14 sold in Hong Kong still needs two SIM cards and we like this.

Smartphone vendors and Cellular operators and work together to provision eSIM easily. But this is not true for other devices.

The population of Hong Kong is ~7,5 million and the population of U.S. is ~332 million, out of the 8 billion population in the world with >7 billions smartphone subscriptions.

Are you speaking on behalf of the 7.5 million people is Hong Kong that they all like this?

It is very easy to like old things when they do not have new things to compare with. Do you think people will not buy new smartphones, routers and other LTE devices because they have both SIM card and eSIM capabilities, even though they currently use only SIM card?

I only mean iPhone in HK is the easiest to have dual sim supports, not only due to regulations, but also it is user demand.

I don’t speak for everyone here, but people here really like dual physical SIM card.

With that approach, we would still be using horse and buggy for travel, instead of cars and trucks.

I am not against esim.

As I said it is difficult to provision them. It is easy for carriers and smartphone vendors but not for small players.

You know Mudi comes with esim when it is born!

Can eSIM be used now?

No. The esim needs to be programmed in factory. It cannot be reprogrammed after it is sold.

So it is not the same as smartphone

Hello . There are two big problems

  1. Only expensive phones use eSIM
  2. Closed source code

You don’t control your phone, it controls you )) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I buy late-model, lightly-used smartphones from eBay and save 50%.

Even open source code does not guarantee that you have total control. Are you prepared to review every line of the code? Some drivers are also proprietary supplied by the chip manufacturers.

@wcs2228 Thank you very much for the answer and for the useful life hack on the phones. What was the price of your ebay phone that supports eSIM?

As for the code, I’m sorry, I disagree with you! It must be open source under the GNU license!

If the code is closed, then the developer has power over you and will use it for their own selfish, commercial purposes, as is happening now.

It’s like you and I sign an agreement in which I wrote conditions that are comfortable for me, you signed it without reading it and tell everyone around who will read this agreement?))

I’m hoping for a version of the XE300(Puli) that only supports or has the eSIM, so that I can make a sim on the fly with an Italian operator if necessary, without having to wait for shipments or anything else and when I don’t need the SIM, I don’t have to wait 1 year and then throw more plastic in the trash, all very quick and painless. Maybe with 5G support even if I understand that it could be much more expensive and energy-intensive when I need a good battery life.

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