GL-E750/Mudi - 4.2 Firmware (Snapshot/Beta)

As the snapshot version of 4.2 firmware for Mudi has surfaced (thanks to the dev team!), let’s have this thread for feedbacks and development of the upcoming firmware update.
I personally haven’t installed the snapshot just yet (will do so very soon and share my experience), but top 3 features that I would like to see in 4.2 update for Mudi are as follows:

  1. eSim support (discussed the possibilities in a separate thread, link below)

  2. Native suport for Multi-WAN (Load Balancing): currently kind of possible with some tweaks with luci-app-mwan3 plugin, but it would be great to see a native support of Load Balancing in the main pannel (similar to GL-MT3000 Beryl).

  3. WebDAV support for Micro SD file transfer. It currently only supports unsecured SMBv1 which is quite slow, making it not so much practical.

eSim support discussion thread:

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Updated via Web Admin Panel from 3.216 and stuck on System Updating. Rebooted after 15 min and now stuck on rebooting (90%) :roll_eyes:

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You can always revert back to the older firmware using UBoot:

Same happened to me. Had to uboot recover. But did not find downloadable 4.2 images anywhere. They vanished and OTA update is no longer offered to me. My Mudi is back on 3.2.15

Downloadable 4.2x images for Spitz also disappeared.

Edit: Spitz is back. Mudi was definitely pulled.

Correct, the 4.2 Snapshot build disappeared from the firmware download page.

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Pls use 3.x firmware for now.

4.x for Mudi will be redone


Hey Alfie, any words on the development of 4.2 for Mudi? It shouldn’t be too different from Puli firmware in terms of functionality, right?

Nice to see that the Mudi is undergoing development and that eSIM is in the works. eSIM is a feature that would make it or break it for me. I’d still use it without it, but the whole reason for purchasing a Mudi router is for privacy while travelling, and in my country, I can’t achieve proper privacy with a normal SIM due to KYC laws. Can’t wait for 4.2!

Will Mudi support tailscale ?

For now, it appears that the development of 4.2 update for Mudi and Spitz has stopped.
So let’s see what happens next.

was this confirmed by any of the GL.iNet staff ?