Fail to update AdGuard v0.107.44 on AXT1800

Hi, I have v4.5.0 on my AXT1800 with AdGuard v0.107.43. I AdGuard v0.107.44 is available, but fails to install. Error message “Auto-update failed. Please [follow these steps] to update manually.” after clicking ‘Update now’ on the settings page. Thoughts on how I can update to v0.107.44? Thanks

The quick advice: Don’t do it.

The long advice: Follow this guide
But please be aware that upgrading AdGuard Home will lead to problems during firmware upgrades because the firmware upgrade will overwrite AGH with an older version and then the config file explodes.

In that case, you will need this link as well: Upgrade to 4.5 killed AdGuard Home - #7 by alzhao

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Hi, I followed this guide (Adguard Home Upgrade - #6 by slesar) upgrading AdGuard to v0.107.43. Prior to this AdGuard update, I reset all settings on AXT1800 after v4.5.0 made AdGuard unresponsive. Would the solution be to reset the router, follow the guide above, then upgrade AdGuard to v0.107.44?

I would say that in this case the auto-updater should work.

If not, you can just do all the upgrading steps again - now with version 107.44.

Thx, will take a closer look.

Be careful with file config.yaml in adguard (latest version). Release AdGuard Home v0.107.44 · AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome · GitHub
‘In this release, the schema version has changed from 27 to 28.’

Yes @admon is right about auto update. :+1:t2:

Re update AdGuard to v0.107.44; I reset the AXT1800, followed this guide (Adguard Home Upgrade - #6 by slesar), updated to AdGuard to v0.107.44 from the Settings Page in ATX1800. The router and AdGuard runs just fine.

Was curious if anyone had updated to the new version. May give this a go…

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Working fine here, but It was a clean install

@admon do we need to manually update plugins such as ad guard? i know i i can find the answer by searching and reading the links youve posted…
But i ask here to make this thread more complete. so when someone has a look they would know if they need to look out for updates

Yep, you need. But tbh: Just ignore the updates, they are not necessary like “you need every update”

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