Feature Request Thread For Firmware v3

I would like the ability to drop a single OVPN file instead of a compressed folder.

Thats works works since V 3.003.921 on GL-AR750 white

Yup this has worked since forever :smiley:

  • its working on 2.x, a its not working on 3.002, since V 3.003.921 (gl-AR750) white its working again.

DNS wishes:

  • Selec button for IPV4 or IPV6 Cloudflare DNS, on this time the v3 use IPv4 and IPv6 Cloud flare DNS server
  • possibility to use one user defind 1st and 2nd DNS over TLS server
  • DNS over TLS ONLY button (killswitch)

Other wishes:

  • Tor not as different firmware, tor as add on
  • one more WiFi channel on same hardware, one without and one with Tor

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Show more exactly the installed Firmware Version on :

  • installed Version gl-ar750-3.003-0921 report “Current Version: 3.003”
  • installed Version gl-ar750-3.003-0926 report “Current Version: 3.003”

Thats means its not realy possible to see which version is installed.

No because you are flashing testing firmware, not final releases.

LEDs - I have the left and center green on constant, red is off. This is different from v2, and I do not know what the LEDs are indicating.It would be nice to have wireless status, vpn or wireguard status, and system status indicators.

Wireguard Client - no information provided about connection status, as is with VPN. It would be helpful to have some sign that the connection is functional and that data is moving.

VPN/Wireguard connection status - would be nice to have an always visible indicator on the control panel to show that the VPN or Wireguard client is active.

Please excuse if these are duplicates of earlier requests.

Hello! On AR750 v.2.272 there is on GUI 2 fonctions I like.(I use WISP and WDS)

  1. Auto Scan & Reconnect option in Settings/ Internet Status page (you can disable/enable it without going SSH)
  2. In the same page, in Saved Stations you have the list of different stations and you can choose which you want to Auto-Connect.Is it possible add auto-connect option per each Saved station in v3 for AR750 and also for AR750S firmware?..There is only 2 options in v3 Saved Stations >Forget and Join.

Also in AR750 you can move order of mwan3 big icons in Overview page in LuCI (in Network>Load Balancing> Configuration and select Sort option up & down). There is no Sort option in v3.

Revert firmware option in GUI>More Settings doesn’t revert to a previous firmware, it factory resets.


Actually no matter you are using wireguard or openvpn, the vpn icon shows.

In V3 the function is similar.

If you save a station the router will always try to scan and reconnect.

If you just disconnect manually, the auto scan and reconnect function is disabled.

Thanks. I guess I’ve never not seen the VPN icon, so didn’t realize it wouldn’t be there if not in use. It would, of course, be nice if there was a WG icon too.

I’m missing a shutdown menu item in ui.
Is it safe to just unplug the device?


PS. to Admin - couldn’t post without typing 20+ characters but I only wanted to say 3 - “YES”

On my iPhone, the “Clients” screen no longer shows IP addresses for each client. I know you can find it in LUCI, but it was handy to have visible in the main interface.

AR750 testing firmware gl-ar750-3.003-0926,

  1. There is no way to know graphically when routers are connected via WDS in GUI page. i have to check in LuCi every time or make Ping. In firmware 2.272 you can see in main page.

  2. In Clients page also in GUI you can view names of hosts connected in 2,4Ghz but no names in 5Ghz, only an icon saying 5G and the IP.


@sas @David can you please move the posts to the bug reporting thread? Only post feature requests here.

This should be the problem of the device. Pls check mine.