Feature Request Thread For Firmware v3


I agree you.

It doesn’t need to expose in UI, as it only support OPEN/WPAPSK/WPA2PSK/WPAPSKWPA2PSK on ui, but I think it should be configured to WPA2 PSK by default which is the most security at present.


We will develop it in the future.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Good idea! We will evaluate this feature.

Customers don’t need to configure it.


Providing secured time source like:


What’s the use-case for requiring secured time? Do you find NTP Stratum 1/2 servers giving out false time info?


I don’t really see the point of the TLS based ones. They all add some latency so the time won’t be exact after a sync, worse than a “non secure” way.

The hardware solutions are also even worse, they are totally not secure at all.
I can sit by your window and spoof GPS and DCF77 just with a micro controller, maybe even another GL router :wink:

There are more important features required at the moment, like captive portal detection so that you don’t need to disable the VPN and leak data while you accept the captive portal TOS.


The normal NTP by UDP can easy used to set a wrong time (pe. the right time +2year). The result of this are, the most certificates will be invalide. Certificate based things wil stopp working.
Secured time source will fix this. I am not a programmer, I dont no how complicated to implement like this. In the past i have seen how to how to install the existing tlsdate on openwrt. One other how too was describing how to get time by GPS mouse on openwrt.

  • It can be DCF 77 and equal are not the right way, because its not available around the world.
  • A secure source for time signal is a external GPS mouse for sbout 10USD. https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/ntp/gps
  • tlsdate have depend on resolution of TLS1.2 a uncertainly of +/-1secound. A add on for this available for openwrt. tlsdate only working up to TLS 1.2, thats mean not working with TLS 1.3.
  • On Wikipedia is written “OpenNTPD” are compatible with existing NTP server, other webpage told "is compatible with NTP Pools. On Wikipedia is written the uncertainly of OPENNTPD is only 50 to 200ms. Thats not so got like GPS or NTP, a its better than tlsdate.


The uncerternly of NTP is perfect for the most thinks. The problem of 40 years old NTP protocol is, its easy to replace the time by a man in the middle.


I’d like to see some sort of page where i can see a list of broadcasting APs near the router, their signal strengths, 2.4 or 5g, and possibly what kind of encryption is used… a site survey by the firmware… not just the dropdown showing the connection possibilities…



It is already possible to export the router configuration from Luci, so this feature won’t be added.
GL will only add features that don’t already exist in Luci.


What is Luci ? Where to find export of router config ? Its on advanced admin menue ?

Feature request:

  • Installing http based version of midnight commander and make possible to start and access this by admin panel, will make it possible to config add ons without integration in gli admin webinterface.
  • Show the for DNS over TLS by Cloudflare used 1st and 2nd DNS Server IP. Add selection of use IP4 or IP6 Cloudflare DNS. Its looks for me, on this time is hard codes IP6 for Cloudflare, because, if I disable IP6 for WAN, cloudfare DNS over TLS are not working on V3.003.921
  • add a checkfunction which check and show, DNS is realy running over TLS
  • add to the user defined DNS server form, a button which switch on/of using TLS for DNS
  • add a kill swich function and button for DNS over TLS, which disable DNS if not actual not available over TLS.


Yes Luci is the “advanced admin menu” :slight_smile:


Can you sort the VPN profiles alphabetically like it used to? I have 141 OpenVPN profiles - its just a jumble now - no apparent order.

I have PrivateInternetAccess sorted into

IP - Germany
TCP - Germany
UDP - Germany

for all locations.


I would like the ability to drop a single OVPN file instead of a compressed folder.


Thats works works since V 3.003.921 on GL-AR750 white


Yup this has worked since forever :smiley:

  • its working on 2.x, a its not working on 3.002, since V 3.003.921 (gl-AR750) white its working again.


DNS wishes:

  • Selec button for IPV4 or IPV6 Cloudflare DNS, on this time the v3 use IPv4 and IPv6 Cloud flare DNS server
  • possibility to use one user defind 1st and 2nd DNS over TLS server
  • DNS over TLS ONLY button (killswitch)

Other wishes:

  • Tor not as different firmware, tor as add on
  • one more WiFi channel on same hardware, one without and one with Tor


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