Feature Request Thread For Firmware v3

Thanks. I guess I’ve never not seen the VPN icon, so didn’t realize it wouldn’t be there if not in use. It would, of course, be nice if there was a WG icon too.

I’m missing a shutdown menu item in ui.
Is it safe to just unplug the device?


PS. to Admin - couldn’t post without typing 20+ characters but I only wanted to say 3 - “YES”

On my iPhone, the “Clients” screen no longer shows IP addresses for each client. I know you can find it in LUCI, but it was handy to have visible in the main interface.

AR750 testing firmware gl-ar750-3.003-0926,

  1. There is no way to know graphically when routers are connected via WDS in GUI page. i have to check in LuCi every time or make Ping. In firmware 2.272 you can see in main page.

  2. In Clients page also in GUI you can view names of hosts connected in 2,4Ghz but no names in 5Ghz, only an icon saying 5G and the IP.


@sas @David can you please move the posts to the bug reporting thread? Only post feature requests here.

This should be the problem of the device. Pls check mine.


Integrate Pi-Hole in GL.iNet Firmware.

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Add button for blogg follow:

  • Axtive X
  • Java
  • Flash
  • MS Silverlight
  • Ident Port
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Please move these to the bug reporting thread :slight_smile:

Under upgrade (firmware) add extra option so we have:

  1. auto-upgrade off
  2. auto-upgrade on
  3. notify of available upgrade but don’t install
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Please move the option ‘Advanced’ to the top menu (yellow). Now I have to click ‘More settings’, scroll down and click ‘Advanced’.

Secure webinterface login and advanced one by double wait time, like follow:

  • if try to log in with wrong password, wait one second
  • by trying 2`nd wrong login password wait two second
  • by trying 3`nd wrong login password wait four second
  • by trying 4`nd wrong login password wait 8 second
  • and so on
  • after login successfull, start with waiting 0 secound again

I agree with this (think I mentioned it in bugs thread).
There are way too many menus now, meaning way too many clicks and/or scrolling.
For example, Upgrade and Revert could both could both go in a Firmware menu.

“Force VPN” is a wrong friend. That should be replaced on firmware by “VPN only” or like this exact describtion.

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Here are some features on my wish list:

  • TOR support in the main code (no special image, not sure if this is solved)
  • TOR over VPN
  • TOR advanced option to influence leaking country
  • Multiple OpenVPN connections in parallel
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  • It can be it need to be a add on, depend on law of countrys like cn

  • DDWRT have the possibility to create more than one WiFi name for one Wifi Hardware. Thats mean, it should be possible to create on OPEN WRT too to create two WiFi names at the same time for one WiFi hardware.

That sounds for me that should be possible to configure one WiFi connection over VPN and one WiFi connection over Tor.

You can create second wifi SSIDs using the advanced menu (luci).

There is a package called vpn-policy-routing that can be used to split traffic between wan and vpn for the different SSIDs. Install using the following commands.

opkg remove dnsmasq
opkg list-installed | grep -q uclient-fetch || opkg install uclient-fetch
opkg list-installed | grep -q libustream || opkg install libustream-mbedtls
echo -e -n ‘untrusted comment: LEDE usign key of Stan Grishin\nRWR//HUXxMwMVnx7fESOKO7x8XoW4/dRidJPjt91hAAU2L59mYvHy0Fa\n’ > /tmp/stangri-repo.pub && opkg-key add /tmp/stangri-repo.pub
! grep -q ‘stangri_repo’ /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf && echo ‘src/gz stangri_repo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stangri/openwrt-repo/master’ >> /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf
opkg update
opkg install vpn-policy-routing luci-app-vpn-policy-routing dnsmasq-full

It didn’t work properly with 2.72 and I haven’t completely tested with 3.0 but it does appear to be working now.

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  • Persistent SMS conversations. Sent messages will stay in the thread with each recipients.
  • SMS auto refresh in SMS message and conversation page.
  • GUI for some common LuCI apps, like luci-app-shadowsocks. Or any plan for publishing the documentation or manuals for adapting our own app into the beautiful 3.X UI?

I think this is possible. We do have a template to make packages. But we still need some time for this to be released.