Firmware 3.211 Beta1

I addet now one tread about the test of the new beta firmware:

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Thank you. I will follow up your test and solve the problem in time.

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You can start bug fixing today, with the follow possible easy one, as warm up:

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It has been fixed and will be integrated in snapshot version tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

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Thats sounds great, We will check it.

How do I upgrade OpenWrt to 21.02 now after upgrading to this firmware 3.211

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You can upload openWRT 21.02 firmware directly and upgrade it.

I did that but afterwards there was no Gl-iNet firmware, just OpenWRT.
I would like to keep original interface and have latest OpenWRT at the same time.

There is no way to do this, if you want to use our UI you have to use our firmware.

@luochongjun all clear now, thank you for clarification.


What version of ZeroTier does this 3.211 beta1 or beta2 firmware have?

Thank you!

For some reason the VPN policy’s are being ignored, as far I know I didn’t have any issues related to this with the previous firmware

Really. This firmware fixed a problem of vpn polcy during router reboot. Hope it does not cause further problems. Can you give more details of your vpn policy settings?

This version is great

Nevermind, I just find out I can have it both ways, it’s either mac or domain

That is very interesting. Can you share how you have it both ways?

That is a request that I have proposed for the new firmware, which you have also read and commented on


Could someone tell me wich version of ZeroTier is used in new 3.211 firmware?

In 3.203 firmware is only zerotier1.6.3-1 and upgrade to zerotier 1.6.5-1 for 19.07 results in error

Thank you

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My bad, that was a typo, it should read like this:
“Nevermind, I just find out I can’t have it both ways, it’s either mac or domain”

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Yes, this gives another meaning to life

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I have successfully installed ZeroTier 1.6.5-1. If you upgrade directly, there may be some link errors in the dynamic library. It is recommended that you reinstall ZeroTier.