Flint 2 (GL-MT6000 ) - bug reports - collective thread

If you don’t share details about your configuration, network and devices, it is a waste of time indeed.
When you don’t want to share those details nor try to make it possible to find the root cause - just send the device back and get another one.

I can understand that you are not happy with the device, but the problem will not vanish in the next few days, I would say.


160 Mhz has a bug I believe they are looking to fix.

I’ll check, though rather having to disable a feature, I’d like them to fix the issue (the software developer in me) – isn’t eth0 just the switch for all the lan ports ? I have a few PCs connected to it.

Hagezi is better than OISD: GitHub - hagezi/dns-blocklists: DNS-Blocklists: For a better internet - keep the internet clean!

Check his response here for his philosophy:

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Regarding all the 160 MHz discussion. Is the 5GHz WiFi more stable(also in terms of speed and ping) and reliable when you limit it to 80Mhz?

You should be able to disable Flow Control in the LAN driver settings of the device manager.

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I can only speak for myself, but in that term, yes. It’s pretty fine on 80 MHz.
But I only have ~8 devices within my network.

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If some of you are facing WiFi interference while using a hard drive or USB Stick, read this post I’ll leave here, I was struggling with that for so long and here I posted my solution: Beryl AX firmware 4.4.6 connection issues and feedback

All you need is a USB 2.0 extension cable, and optionally a short USB 3.0 shielded cable with ferrite core, and for better performance and durability use an aluminum USB Stick. I can post the link of the shielded USB 3.0 cable I bought.
Connect the USB 2.0 extension to the router and connect the USB 3.0 cable to the USB 2.0 extension, then connect the USB Stick/SSD to the USB 3.0 port on the USB 3.0 cable.

Working like a charm, absolutely zero interference even with the USB on top of the router, magic.
Trust me, this issue was driving me crazy lol because I use SMB to share files really often


We have purchased the same sandisk usb device as you, there is interference and we are currently looking for a solution.


We fixed some ethernet driver issues in version 4.5.6, but the driver issues are always complex and varied, I’m not sure can solve your problem, if you don’t mind, you can try the beta version of 4.5.6.

Where’s the beta?

I just uploaded the beta version, it takes some time for the web site to recognize it, please wait!

These patchs was applied in stock firmware 4.5.0.

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Are there any differences between this version 4.5.6 and version 4.5.5 that was announced for private testing with @alex_zheng

The beta updates are already available at the download website.


@japa182 For the know issue It’s same . but this is a official version.

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Being on this new 4.5.6 beta for a few hours already 160Mhz on the 5Ghz band seen a bit more stable for me or maybe it’s just a placebo effect :face_with_peeking_eye:

The 2.4Ghz still sucks speed wide, but it’s stable.

The jury still out :thinking:

Edit. One thing I just noticed, a few of my AC devices don’t want to connect when AC/AX mode it’s selected, to make them connect I had to select N/AC/AX mode I fell I’m going backwards instead :person_facepalming:

Does have block list filter in adguard dns server, just add upstream in your AdGuard Home to save memory :wink:


I also 3D Printed a USB Cover with copper tape all around it, and I also added the copper tape on the tip of the USB Flash Drive.

My internet speed increased from almost nothing to 35Mbps (Download) & 15Mbps (Upload).
It’s better, but still very far from 300Mbps.

The ping is very weird. It’s around 500ms (Download) and 1500ms (Upload).


The range of your Flint2 is reasonable?

I’m comparing it against my old ISP Router/Modem built with leagacy Broadcom 63138, 4366 and 43602 chipsets, and my Flint2 is always 6~10dB weaker than it :frowning:

They are on the same place (30cm from each other) and my mobile phone was 5m distant, in a straight line without any obstable between them.

Just to make sure if this is happening only on my side.

P.S. no USB device is connected to the USB port

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