Flint 2 (GL-MT6000 ) - bug reports - collective thread

What power setting and country code do you use for the Wi-Fi?

Of ocurse it’s on the MAX TX Power.
Country code is GB/UK

I have the same problem, the only firmwares I can get similar range are 4.5.2 and 4.5.3 beta, otherwise the wifi range is not strong.


Hello luochongjun, you mentioned ethernet fixes but there’s nothing in the release notes for the beta - will these be refined later?

I just know that the relevant fixes cause performance degradation, so we haven’t merged them in yet, and I’m very sorry for the error message!

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Could you guys please update the Tor and Nginx packages?

Your current Tor version is, which is from October 2021 and your Nginx version is 1.17.7, which is from December 2019. And both applications have had a lot of general fixes and security fixes applied within the last 5 years.

Tor changelog / Nginx changelog

And I haven’t tested this myself since I’m currently using OpenWrt snapshots, but if you change the routers IP address does that prevent Tor from working? It looks like it would, since you’ve preconfigured it to use instead of something like


Gl inet limited the maximum allowed tx power. Before 30dbm was possible. Check your current tx power in Luci under Wireless overview and click under your Wifi controller on Edit, General setup. In the stats you can see the current Tx-power. I can provide some screenshots later

Firmware: 4.5.5
Max TX Power at 2.4GHz is 20dBm
Max TX Power at 5GHz is 26dBm

Wireless overview:

Yeah I know, and I was happy when transmission power was 36dbm default. Even if it shows 36dbm on luci, I believe was the correct transmission power equivalent with 30dbm. Otherwise other router with same configuration shows a much higher signal ( again, with the same country configuration). It’s another thing GL needs to fix


The new beta FW 4.5.6 release 1 is out.


Here we go for another test, let’s see if 160 MHz is more stable now.

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Does this new beta fix the sub 100Mbps 2.4ghz speed?

Unfortunately… Not yet

Just updated to it, will let you know how it goes… ty!

Ah, you’re using Adguard DNS externally and not within Flint 2 ? I prefer to use it internally to test it out with the router.

Externally I have NextDNS which is slightly more powerful (but not free)

Edit 2. Spoked to soon, the new beta was very unable on the 5Ghz band with constant disconnections had to go back to 4.5.4

Works fine for me, though my ssid name bands are separate.

Mine too, gonna wait for the next one, so far 4.5.4 it’s stable and let stream without skipping :rofl:

Both filters and working fine :slight_smile:
Yes, I am using upstream only AdGuard DNS with encrypted. But not free, just buy Adguard VPN and will give you 10 million queries. Plus soon Wireguard for Adguard VPN.
Almost one month for home, for outside network (4G/5G).

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What the hell happens that the temporary version always works better than the beta or stable version?
The version I tested that Alex made available is better than this 4.5.6, it’s not the same version, I’ve already had two disconnections and problems with the ddns…