Flint (GL-AX1800) Unable to change DNS settings in UI

I’m unable to change any of the custom DNS server settings. I either get an error message “Invalid DNS” or “Before turning on this feature, Please turn off other DNS settings.”. The second error is extra confusing considering it appears when trying to disable a feature (manual DNS settings). I currently cannot change any of the DNS options in the UI (oof).

First 30 minutes of setting up the router.

Firmware version 3.207.

Screen capture of the issue: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Looks like this was caused by a running AdGuard process, which I meant to turn off. It would be nice if the UI error messaging indicated this to the user.


Yes. DNS settings deserve a redsign because there are too many factors affecting that.

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Thanks for the life of me, this had me stumped for a few days. Also noticed once you use your custom DNS, you can’t use Ad Guard anymore.

No worries, so adguard home has its own settings page when in the router Gl-iNet Graphic User Interface(GUI) its easy to miss. Login in to router go to applications click on adguard Home. At the top there are three lines of text. At the end of the third line almost in the middle of the page the text is blue and says settings page Click it. It will take you to the adguard home Dashboard. click on settings then DNS settings.

FYI don’t use the update button to update adguard it loads a 34Mb program and not adguard

And thats how you use your own DNS Servers with AdGuard Home

FYI don’t use the update button to update adguard it loads a 34Mb program and not adguard

unfortunately, or rather before I read your post, I hit the “update” button in Adguard. Is it possible to delete this file again?
Thank you and best regards

You can uninstall using gL-Inet GUI, LuCI or SSH. Depending on you set up it might be best to revert your modem to factory, which is what I did and then uploaded a config file, after unistalling reinstalling adguard for a hour because it backs up itself in virtual memory. You will need to restart the router after each uninstall of adguard as it saves things in Virtual memory.
Here are to more post with useful adguard infomation.

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