Flint low memory

With Adguard Home up

FYI: Flint memory leak ?

82% is not a problem if it does not goes to 100% and crash the router.

Pls try firmware 3.207 from GL.iNet download center

Is this still OK?
I am running firmware 3.207, I have AdGuard Home enabled with 50k filters and also
clients real-time speed and traffic statistics enabled.

htop shows the below info, hope this can be useful.

In addition see the output of the command I found in the other post:

pid=$(pidof AdGuardHome);cat /proc/$pid/status

and then running the command:

echo '3' > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

memory drops down to 61%.


Pls check if the ram will still run up causing the router crash. Linux using cache is normal. But causing crash is a problem.