Flint randomly reboot itself

Anyone who encountered Flint randomly reboot itself ?

My Flint is working in a simple environment, one PPPoE connection and serving as AP for smartphones and IoT devices.

I can’t even get the crash log since it’s empty.

can you share me more about your flint like firmware version?

and maybe also your wifi mode + the channel width from luci.

maybe i’m wrong but you use it above 100?, if yes, max you can only have 80mhz I believe.

My Flint firmware is running at the latest stable “v.4.1.0 release 6”.

The Wi-Fi is configured in “Auto” in 80Mhz (channel 36 now ), nothing special.


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then I don’t know either why it crashes, the only thing what might comes to mind is the wifi crash on certain angles but I thought it was fixed.

maybe @alzhao can help ?

Random reboots = Faulty hardware in my book.

I would systematically one by one disconnect devices (IOT/Smartphones)…Reboot router and then check again…Often it is a device on the Network that is the cause and not the router.

Got 11 days up time on mine, Firmware 4.1.0 release 6

Before I did notice if you ran echo ‘3’ clear cache command and waited 24hours it cashed becuase of no free ram

Keep watching and found out it still reboots itself after 1 day and couple hous uptime the most.

Now disabled the SQM to see what will happen,

Keep watching…

My Flint normally utilize around 5x% RAM the most, I don’t know if it’s full RAM issue, since it only serves as router and AP, nothing too complex.

Sorry not following what was said in you last post.
So mine is running AdguardHome, wgclient, VPN MAC address policy, SQM for wguard, Netdata and this is ram:

After installing a 12cm fan beside Flint to let the air flow go through it, now my Flint stands alive for 2 days.

Conclusion: the reboot was caused by overheat issue.

(well, it used to operate well without any fan ) :hushed:

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Sorry, I am wrong, my Flint just reboot itself 30 minutes ago. :smiling_face_with_tear::crazy_face:

Do you have crash log this time?

Still no crash log this time.

Maybe you can send back this unit to me to investigate.

I can send you a new one at the same time.

Thanks for the good service, I am in the 3rd time testing, if the situation stays the same, I will contact you for the replacement.

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Was there ever a determination on what may be causing these random reboots? I have a Flint router running firmware 4.1.0 release6 that has been randomly rebooting itself quite a bit lately. I also am unable to get any kind of crash log or kernel dump, etc.


If firmware upgrade does not solve, just need to get an exchange.

Firmware upgrade to what release? I believe I am running the latest stable version.

you may try 4.2.0 beta 3, however my flint could stay working for 20+ days on 4.1 r6

check your cpu loads and memory usage (not flash)