GL-AR750S Wireguard client cannot connect to external wireguard server

Model: GL-AR750S, firmware v. 3.025
I setup my own external wireguard server and tested that is works properly with Wireguard iPhone mobile app.

But when i use GL-Inet Wireguard client option - internet stops working.

Here are settings:

Please let me know what I am doing wrong?

Here are settings on my iPhone’s WireGuard app for the same server (and this works just fine):
(I noticed that on iPhone - there is “Interface → Public Key” vs. on GL-INET - there is “Interface->Private Key” setting only.

Could you please ssh to the router, and execute the command wg? Please show me the result.

Here it is:

The configuration file for peer is missing. Could you please execute cat /etc/config/wireguard, and pm me the result?

PM sent. Here is the content of this:

Let me know if I need to execute something on WireGuard VPN server side?
Also - my router lost internet connectivity even though it successfully connected in “Internet” options and no VPN is active.
This worked before.

See this: GL-AR750S - Cannot get on internet - #3 by gesman

It is nothing with WireGuard Server, not sure why peers configuration haven’t been added.

Is it possible to make a remote session via teamviewer?

Please let me know when screen sharing works for you and I’ll send you zoom meeting with screen sharing invite


Please PM me the screen sharing invite.


I have exactly the same issue with the same conditions. Is there any manual I can follow to fix it?

Thank you!

Kind regards

Pls don’t reply on old thread.

Just open a new thread and give some details about your setup, e.g. is this your own server etc. You can pm a wireguard configuration if possible.