GL-AX1800 + AdGuard Home

I’m running into a problem with AdGuard Home on GL-AX1800. When I leave the router running for 1/2 day - 1 day with AdGuard running, network speeds degrade precipitously to the point where the router either has to be rebooted or AdGuard has to be disabled.

Any fixes or work arounds I can try?

I am running AdguardHome now for 1 day and I do not have problem. The memory usage is also correct.

Can you let me know what you have set in Adguard? Do you have a lot of queries?

For me memory usage is at 96%

Can you ssh to the router and use the following command to see if the RAM will drop?

echo '3' > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

Pls let me know the result.

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I tried leaving it running for 8 hours. I had 9,940 DNS queries in that time. Domain resolution became unresponsive, network speeds dropped to unusable levels (not even testable).

Thank you very much for your feedback. I’m going to verify that.

I use adguard home :pensive:

I tried this command, my ax1800 memory never go down bellow 80% even i turn off adguardhome, but after i used that command my memory usage now become 70%.

As of the 3.207 update, AdGuard will no longer start.

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Confirmed same here. Internet access is disabled in my case since adguard is stuck in a limbo and I can only go online after disabling adguard then rebooting the router.

I am on 3.207 for few of days now and do not have any problems with AdGuard.

@alzhao I’m using 3.207, before running echo '3' > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches my available memory is 8%. After running the command, available memory is 15%

Just updated to 3.207… A COMPLETE DISASTER! AdGuard Home won’t work. Have to disable it to get online…

Hi @briar-spoon-celibate :

Please update AdguardHome(0.106.3-1) in Plug-in.

Hi fmccann:

You should have updated AdguardHome.

Please reinstall AdguardHome(0.106.3).

Please reinstall AdguardHome(0.106.3).

After Reinstalling, I now get the error “API is unavailable”

Got the same error “API is unavailable” after upgrade my AdGuardHome to 0.106.3, rebooting the router doesn’t help either, now I can’t use AdGuardHome.

Try to install gl-agh-stats i think that’s needed as well



Sorry,gl-agh-stats was uninstalled due to uninstalled Adguardhome(0.104.3)

  • The procedure is as follows:
    1,Disabled Adguardhome,then unistall Adguardhome(0.104.3)
    2,install Adguardhome(0.106.3) and gl-agh-stats