GL-AXT1800 : Error -50 when copying files to a shared (exfat) disk on Mac OS

Hello. I’m getting the -50 error when I try to copy a file to the shared (exfat) disk on Mac OS with the GL-AXT1800. Can you help me resolve this issue?

What version of firmware do you have?

Latest - 4.2.0 release3

I also tried the shared SD card and I have the same problem as with USB. (tested on an M1 Ventura and Intel Mojave)… Any idea?


About two weeks ago, I contacted you about a problem I am having when copying files to a shared drive (exFAT) with my two Macs. Every time I try to copy files, I get the error -50. I have done a test on a PC, and everything works fine. So it seems that the problem is an incompatibility with Macs. It’s a pity, because this feature is one of the main reasons why I chose this product. Could you suggest a solution? Or, failing that, could you reply to this message to confirm that you are working on the problem? I haven’t heard from you since my response to your previous question.

I too have this issue, reported back in Sept 2022. Only happens with MacOS. There has never been a solution. Windows works fine with the Samba SD share

Try on your Mac:
sudo -s
echo “[default]” >> /etc/nsmb.conf
echo “signing_required=no” >> /etc/nsmb.conf

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Updated the .conf file, restart Mac and still same issue

I appreciate your attempt to help, diver68, but as MusclePuptoy mentioned, the solution isn’t effective. I urgently need a resolution for this pressing issue and cannot afford to wait months for a fix. As this is a key feature that you promote, kindly provide support in finding a functional resolution.

Same issue here with my macbook pro. can’t get anything to copy. Should be this hard use this Beryl, and I am returning back to amazon. too bad, I’ve had such a bad experience with this MT3000 in a macos environ, I won’t try their products again.