GL-AXT1800 Tailscale update

Is there any news on upgrading Tail Scale to the latest version ? Current version is 1.32.2 and the latest is 1.44.0 with major improvements to the release…Thanks

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We are testing the latest version of Tailscale.


Any update on this? I have been trying to upgrade myself but if its gonna be upgraded soon ill wait

The new version has made more changes. There are still a lot of in-use issues with the existing version, and we need to fix them first. So we won’t be upgrade it yet.

Is there any more recent news on this feature?

The last firmware update to my AXT-1800 didn’t appear to change the Tailscale version, so I’m still seeing version 1.32.2-dev-t while the stable Tailscale on my other Tailscale devices is 1.54.1.

Thanks in advance for your response. My apologies if my searches failed to find a thread where this has been discussed and resolved elsewhere in these forums.


Latest version is now v1.54, would be great to get this updated! (And also officially support use of the router as an exit node as described here.)

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@yuxin.zou any new updates on this? My router is still at version “1.32.2-dev-t” and all my other devices are at version “1.56.1”. It’s making it difficult to use my home network. Appreciate all the effort!

Should be not a deal to update manually, I would say:

Same here. Still on “1.32.2-dev-t” but technically, everything seems to be working with recent clients running “1.56.1”

The only thing is I cannot figure out how to enable Tailscale DNS servers once the GL-AXT1800 connects. I have an exit point and when it connects, it should update the DHCP client’s DNS servers from the automatic defaults to the Tailscale DNS servers.

Can anyone point me in the right way, how to update?

Tailscale admin page is now saying that the current version has a known security vulnerability. Looks like might have to take this offline my network and not take the risk

Sorry if I’m asking a question that’s already been answered - - - but can someone pls point us to “How to upgrade Tailscale on the GL-AXT1800” ?

Can this be done? or is this still being developed?
Tailscale admin page, shows the following msg:

Security update available

This machine is running a version with a known security vulnerability. It’s recommended to update to 1.58.2.

Follow these instructions to update this machine.

But I can’t seem to find an easy way to upgrade the software on the GL-AXT1800 - any advice would be appreciated.

Feel free to use my script for that:


sorry but I get an error:

–2024-01-26 00:06:48--
Resolving… failed: Try again.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘

Then something is wrong with your router because it can’t reach any DNS services.
What does nslookup say?


-ash: not found


The nslookup part is necessary as well.

I get the similar error on another GL-AXT1800 on a different network…

root@GL-AXT1800:~# wget -O

/Admonstrator/ \

&& sh

–2024-01-26 08:23:16--

Resolving… failed: Try again.

wget: unable to resolve host address ‘


root@GL-AXT1800:~# nslookup
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached


As I wrote before, please check if DNS resolving is working.
If it does not work, any updates will fail anyway.

Your router needs to have an active DNS server (or at least acting like a client)

I can’t tell you what’s wrong with your network, I guess someone disabled DNS due to … I don’t know.
But I can say for 100% this isn’t an issue with my script.