GL.iNet GL-E750 Mudi V2 SD Card

Hi Team

I am having issues setting up a Network Storage on my Mudi V2. The SD card is not detected and there is no Network Storage section in the Applications Tab. Please advise

SD card should be detected. To check run

df -h

They removed network storage. Please tag @yuxin.zou (or better send email to support) or post request to add it again here New firmware version 4.6 being released for beta testing

It is not supported now. You should make request to add it. If many people will ask this, more possibly it will be implemented.

We were discussing how to provide features for file sharing. Its hardware is too weak to install network storage. This feature may only support WebDAV and have weaker permission control.
I think it will come when the E750 is upgraded to 4.6.

I managed to install samba via LuCi but having a UI option would be nice.