GL-MV1000 (Brume) OpenWRT 22

This thread seems to indicate that there won’t be a 4.x release Products End of Life (EOL) Notice - #15 by oceanmasterza

It was just written that the can’t promise it now. That was two and a half month ago. Maybe they know something new now.
Would be sad and unnecessary if not. In times of many people are talking about sustainability it is a shame if a companies priority is only to sell new devices instead of maintaining their products to last long. And of course, it is also part of the decision which brand to choose if new devices are necessary.


I am a huge fan of sustainability as well. But on the other hand, plenty of chips needed to be replaced, because they are unavailable.
If I compare GL.iNet with other Brands I worked with (in private and business), I am pretty sure a bug would be fixed faster and longer (maybe after EOL, depending on the impact) than on competitor products.

I can order Netgear switches with last update 2015. And many people I know are happy, because ‘I know it well’. Yes, with all problems and workarounds… On the other side it needed to be the bleeding edge shit, bet update twice a day. Release all the features!

Why do we want 4.x on the Brumme? Because it worked bad in the past? I don’t think so.
I have a Beryl still on 3.x, because I’m too lazy to upgrade and it is just working. Not my every day router, bit reliable…
Sure, the new features in 4.x on the SlateAX are great! I’d love to have the same on all devices. But a I read here about the issues the (quit small) team ist struggling with, I’d rather like a stable 3.x and a stable 4.x router, than 2 4.x routers, and only one of it is properly tested…
This is also a kind of sustainability.

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New versions are not only about new features, but often also about closed security gaps and performance improvements. For me it is incomprehensible why the Brume had to wait quite a long time for updates. I have learned my lesson with this company. There are finally more and more companies that have also implemented wireguard.

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I was going to start another post but figured replying here would be best.
OP’s question has not been clearly answered yet:

When will we see (officially supported) OpenWRT 21/22 based Firmware updates?

I’m interested as well to know this for sure because if not, then I also have a hard time recommending your future product line to others.

Either way the devices I own are still going to be used with or without your support.

I am saying it is a Yes but pls don’t ask for ETA. It is holidy now and I cannot bother developers to get an answer.


Thank you very much!

@alzhao I know you did not want to bother the devs around the lunar new year but its been some time since then. Just wanted to check if there are any updates to OpenWRT 22 based firmware release plans ?

We have migrated most of the devices to 4.x and MV1000 will have soon. Sorry for the delay.


Thanks. I will keep checking the firmware downloads page :slight_smile:

Brume is on the 4.2 Firmware Snapshot

any Upgrade procedures?

Please note about 4.2.0 snapshot for MV1000, as on March 16th.

  1. You can upgrade in your current firmware. Most of the settings will be lost even you keep settings. But you should be able to login with your original login password.
  2. It does not support wifi, i.e. not for MV1000W and does not support wifi dongle.
  3. It has vpn, zerotier, but no tailscale yet. Tor seems not working.
  4. Other applications should work but this firmware has not been fully tested.

Summary, unless you want to play with it, pls wait for beta.


Will there be a 4.2 release to support MV1000W WiFi and dongle?

Under development now.


Thanks for the update @alzhao !, as a long time Brume 1 user I appreciate the effort you guys put into these. (will wait for final stable version as it’s my home router)

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Any update on a stable release yet?

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There is a 4.2.2 snapshot, but no beta yet.

I actually decided to install OpenWRT SNAPSHOT on my Brume to test something unrelated and found that on the OpenWRT firmware selector, there are only “SD card” images for download … does anyone know if that is something that can be flashed from the 3.216 stock firmware?

Edit: I RTFM.

The images are called “sdcard”, but this refers to the internal eMMC card; you don’t need anything on the MicroSD slot.

MWAN3 built in is neat… but I have dongle so went back… waiting for Wifi and beta!

Well, at least this company is staying true to its line. The development of firmware for the MV1000 is not being pushed forward with any priority.


They are making progress. v. 4.3.6 was compiled as of yesterday. 2023-07-15

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