GL-X3000 - Bridge Mode WAN IP Passthrough

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Hi there, any chance we could see this same passthrough for the X750V2 ?


please post back what version will have this fix once it has been released.

Would it also be possible to enable “adding a custom APN Profile” in the web GUI or provide me with a terminal script/command to save it to the config file(so that when the device gets restarted that it is saved into the “running config” or how i can save my current config into the running config)?


Hi, I just got a GL-X3000 and want to set it up as a modem-only failover cellular internet connection in case the main VDSL fails. Main router is an OPNsense.

When using this method here, I get IPv4 passthrough. When staying in router mode but enabling IPv6 passthrough, then - as the name suggests - you get passthrough on IPv6 (and NAT von IPv4).

But if I configure IPv6 passthrough and then enter bridge mode, I do not get passthrough on IPv4 and IPv6. Is there any way to enable bridge/passthrough mode for IPv4 and IPv6?

Hi dla:
Please help to exec the follow commands:

uci show network.modem_0001
uci show glmodem

X750V2 do not support the feature.

At current, It does not suport IPV4 and IPV6 passthrough at the same time.

Is this planned for the future? When using the Spitz AX just as an external modem bridged to another router, it would be very beneficial to be able to bridge Dual IP Stack.

This is the result of the commands after the router starts up and I manually adjust the APN for my fixed ip to work.

and this is what it looks like after a restart without modifying the APN

Is there any way to get an official statement of whether IPv4 and IPv6 passthrough at the same time will be supported in the future? The availability (or absense) of this option is a purchasing decision for me.

@yuxin.zou @lizh I just wanted to report back that with the current “fix” the router still gets stuck as reported before almost every time there is an IP change.

However, if I run ifup modem_0001 I can recover 90% of the time. Still, this needs to be executed manually.

Let me know if you need any extra debug output. Thanks!

However, if I run ifup modem_0001 I can recover 90% of the time. Still, this needs to be executed manually.

We seem to suffer from the same issue. I found a workaround using a openwrt plugin: luci-app-internet-detector. However this is something that the gl-inet staff really has top pick up IMO.

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Hi ordex:

Thanks! Get it.

how do I install that plugin? I can’t seem to find it in the package list on luci-web.

@ordex I have a bad memory, bad I think I just followed the installation instructions: GitHub - gSpotx2f/luci-app-internet-detector: Internet detector for OpenWrt.

The name of the package is luci-web?Not luci-app-xxxx?

I like what I’m seeing with the GL-X3000 so far, but the lack of simultaneous IPv4/IPv6 passthrough makes me send it back while still in the product return period.

Hi lihz,

can you program the router to save the manually added APN(in my case " after a restart?

and is it at all possible to adjusting the port for the login page so that one can access the login screen directly over the default public ip? i.e:

I am no expert here, but itsn’t that covered by setting a custom profile and tie it to the SIM?