X750 IP Passthrough (Transparent Bridge)

Hi there. I was told this forum is awesome and can help me.

I am only using the X750 as a modem and to control my TTL. My router setup is a Ubiquiti USG. My cellular ISP provides my X750 with an IP address. I would like to forward this IP address to the USG.

Right now, the X750 receives public IP 100.79.197.x… Then the X750 ( LAN) assigns my USG as ( However, what I want is for the X750 to just give the USG the 100.79.197.x address. I’m trying to avoid Double NAT. Right now, the X750 assigns to my USG and my USG assigns to my devices. I don’t want two assigning stages. This is possible with Mofi and Cradlepoint.

It is described in many places, here is one:

Can you guys help me configure this?

Very old post. Sorry no reply.

We are doing this finally and will have this soon.

Is this feature here yet? How do we get this configured? Many users are using our own routers behind the X750 and similar devices

We have this feature in one of our project.

Not yet add in the standard firmware.