GL-X3000 constant reboot after firmware update

I wasn’t able to use Tmobile cellular internet, so i decided to update the firmware to the latest version.
Power down, keep reset pressed, watch power LED turn on, then INTERNET blink 5 times, then 2.4GHz LED become steady.
Use and upload firmware from GL.iNet download center
I tried ALL of them.
Except for the original 4.3.0, all other firmware kept rebooting the router constantly.
During reboot process, power LEd will come on, then 2.4Ghz LED blink twice and then both 2.4GHz and 5GHz LED will lit up, followed by a reboot. This goes on infinitely.
The original 4.3.0 firmware does bootup but says there is a bug in the firmware and i need to update. It then installs the latest firmware and the router keeps rebooting infinitely. So this didn’t work.
Now i am stuck with 4.3.0 firmware and unable to use Tmobile cellular internet.

Is there any other way out?

Did you manage to resolve, I have exactly the same problem (although I was originally on the latest firmware). Only the original firmware 4.3.0 will bring the router back alive. All other firmware creates a continual reboot of the device. On top, cell lock searches tend to reboot the router, only working 1 in 20 times

Sorry i couldnt fix it. So i returned it.

I’m sorry for jumping in here but did you try downloading and installing the latest MODEM firmware? Not the ROUTER firmware. The modem firmware has profiles(MBN) for different cellular networks. If your router can not find a profile to connect to, it can reboot trying to switch SIMs or trying to select another profile. I would install the 4.3.0 Modem firmware, then follow this link to get the latest R03 firmware: GitHub - 4IceG/RM520N-GL: Quectel RM520N-GL is 5G IoT module specially optimized for IoT/eMBB applications.

Then follow the directions here to install the modem firmware: Constantly Loosing Cellular Connection on Spitz x3000 - #66 by makkie

Only after you have installed the newest modem firmware, then download and install the latest Router firmware: GL.iNet download center

Let us know how it works for you then.

Hi thanks for the reply! I’d already upgraded the modem firmware when I was on the latest version. Then sometime later it just went into constant reboot, so re-installed the stock firmware 4.3.0 and now an upgrade goes back to the loop reboot. Just double checked the modem firmware, I presume this is the latest version!

root@GL-X3000:~# gl_modem AT AT+QGMR

No, this is the version you will want. RM520NGLAAR03A03M4G_01.201.01.201

Ah ok, will try that. I’m on a Mac so have to use a different process via ssh.

Please keep me posted. I use a Mac too but just sent the quickest link that I had. Mac users usually have this stuff figured out already. :wink:

Ok so upgraded to : RM520NGLAAR03A03M4G_01.201.01.201

Now here we go to try and upgrade the firmware…!

It worked, thank you! Seems stable for now at least. Latest modem firmware and latest router firmware. Still cannot connect to 5G anymore or lock cells via the GUI but that is a different problem (locking cells seems to work via ssh).

The Modem firmware has been the most stable firmware that I have ever used on this router. It hasn’t dropped down to a different band or rebooted once for me in 5 days straight now (Since I updated). As far as 5G, I have to believe that it’s most likely a SIM issue. Not sure which cellular network you are using. My 5G has been rock solid on TMO. This has also solved my WiFi calling issues that I have ALWAYS had since i purchased the router. I hope you get the 5G figured out! Please don’t hesitate to keep me updated and I’m glad you are up and running again! I find it easiest to lock cells with the AT commands which you can do using the GUI.

Can’t you identify 5G now?
What card are you? In Germany?

I’m in UK, using Smarty (Three). I was getting 5G, but the cell tower isn’t picked up anymore. I’m using external omni directional antenna mounted to my roof. It could just be there is a problem with that cell tower, but surprised I don’t pick up 5G via another one.

Last night it crashed again, so had to reset it once more, after trying to lock a cell tower. I find the cell tower search really disturbs the router, either it ends up rebooting or struggling with the command (via ssh) - it takes a really long time if it does work to come back with the list of cells.

Yes probably a SIM / Cell tower issue somewhere. Thanks for all your help !

I decided to install standard open-wrt on the router to test it out (currently for the X3000 it is in Snapshot and added quite recently). After a lot of fiddling (mainly around avoiding to use ModemManager to allow use of 3GInfoLite etc.) , it works - getting LTE/4G+ and 5G consistently and speeds are greater - even without locking any cell tower. There must be an issue in configuration somewhere in the GL firmware which is preventing a 4G connection to attach the 5G NSA at least for me.
Obviously I lose functionality and ease of swapping SIMs etc… but I will give this a go for awhile and see how stable it is.

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Hi degreecy:

Your mean is that X3000 could only use LTE?

Please share the device with ‘gl.inet_support’ throuth cloud platform.I need debug it romtely.


Hi yes. I did the sharing before, but it won’t work now as its on vanilla open-wrt.

Please help make sure some information:

If it is convenient for you, please use GL.iNET firmware and share the device with this “gl.inet_support”.


I have the same ‘boot loop’ issue and again it was only downgrading the router firmware to version 4.3.0 that got me out of the loop (I was originally on the latest version). I have upgraded my modem firmware to the latest available as per above ( RM520NGLAAR03A03M4G_01.201.01.201), and then upgraded my router firmware to the latest version again. That took me straight back to the infinite boot loop again, so I’ve had to downgrade my router firmware again to 4.3.0. No other version works. Has anyone got any ideas? GL.iNet really should have responded somewhere, on some forum in response to this. All I can see are other users doing their best to be helpful…

Update to the latest firmware, does the x3000 not boot
Or if you use it, it will restart