Hardwiring GL-X3000 Spitz AX into RV

For those using the GL-X3000 Spitz AX in an RV… what are you using to power your Spitz directly from the RV’s 12v DC electrical system?

I was thinking about using something like this:

link below to the correct sized plug

unless someone has a better idea?

DC connector is 5.5mm x 2.1mm,please select the correct one.

Ah. Good catch, thanks! :+1:

Once you get the correct power cable and it works fine with the RV’s battery system, could you share a picture to show the usage?
If more people ask the same question, we can show it to them, and we will consider to add such power cable in our product accessories.
Thanks a lot.

Isn’t the device multivoltage 9-36V?

I have opened this thread to exactly ask this question.

Spitz AX supports 9~36V DC input.

I think that as it is sold for RV use it should come with at least the correct plug to be wired up. It should also come with, or have an accessory available of a 12v cigarette lighter adapter. Neither are expensive to provide and at the price point reasonable to expect.

I have a pre-order 5G version and need the plug too.

I have mine direct wired to the 12V system in my travel trailer. The flexible input voltage tolerance is a welcome feature on this device as the coach battery (LiFePO) voltage can vary, especially as they drain from usage.

Regardless, I ordered and intend to wire in a voltage regulator to provide a constant 12V to the unit and keep it happy. I have also wired in a 2.5A fuse on the positive line. The particular one I ordered is here:

Coincidentally, the barrel size and polarity from the router this X3000/Spitz replaced fit without any modification. My plan was to cut the connector from the supplied power adapter and use that (after triple-checking the polarity, of course!). It’s nice to have a spare.

As required by some users, who wants to have a power cable to connect the Spitz AX with the RV house battery, we will add such cable as the accessory.

Actually it is the same cable with the power supply, but without AC/DC converter, do you think it is OK to use it connect to the RV house battery directly? The cable length is 1 meter.


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I’m using something like this, and it works perfectly

I think a fuse somewhere in the circuit might be a good idea. A LOT of current can be drawn from a battery. (Fire risk.)


That’s my plan, for sure. Between one thing and another, I haven’t had the time to get at the area where I need to run the wiring for the power cable - it’s on my ‘to-do’ list this week before we head out on our summer road trip to visit family. I’ve got an inline fuse holder and some fuses sized appropriately, now just gotta get into the area behind a habitabilty panel in the cab-over sleeping area to access the wires.

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Never easy finding a way to get wires installed in a Motorhome/RV. They never make it easy!! :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Whether need to add the fuse on the power cable, I searched some information on Internet, it seems not mandatory, because the house battery on RV has a stable power output.

We hope more people can give us suggestion that the fuse on power cable is required or not.

Yes, the battery supply is ‘stable’, but can vary when mobile from >14 Volts from charging to somewhere around 12V, or less under certain load conditions and a loaded/drained battery when not charging. There can also be some spikes/low voltage such as when starting the vehicle. These are reasons why I always fit a Buck/Boost Regulator. I am not saying that this is so in your case, but some power supply circuits in end user equipment can be on the lesser quality side and so not be able to cope well with spikes and overvoltage.

The current draw from a battery can be 100s of Amps under short circuit conditions.

As an Engineer working with many types of electronics units, these are just my personal preferences.

We will publish GL-XE3000 (Puli AX) product in Q3. The initial purpose of this product is to use it in home or office, the internal battery is for power backup. The input DC is not a wide range, maximum 5~16V DC.

5G Router on RV is popular, some users may use XE3000 on RV also. Do you have any experience about the DC range requirement on RV? Whether 5~16V DC input is enough?

Thanks a lot.

I got one plug from amazon.

Amazon.com: 12V Car Charger for Portable DVD Player, Universal Car Cigarette Lighter Power Cord for DBPOWER, Sylvania, RCA DVD Player, Snailax Seat Cushion, Spectra S1 S2 Breast Pump Adapter Supply 6.6FT : Electronics

Every circuit added to a RV battery must be fused to prevent fire. Its a must do item.

A cigarette lighter port has a fuse for the circuit in the car fuse block. However, the amp rating (e.g., 15A) of that fuse may be too high for the charger power cord which may use use narrower gauge wire. The fuse must be rated appropriately to the charger power charge (e.g., 2A).

It is good that a lot of charger power cords, including the unit from Amazon above, have a fuse (probably 2A) inside the plug end.

If you hardwire or tap a wire to any car wiring, you should make sure to add a fuse.

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