How can you tell when the Convexa-B (GL-B1300) is in mesh mode?

My second Convexa-B (GL-B1300) AP is listed as a “client” but only the main router is listed in the “Mesh” menu. Also, I’d like to assign a static IP address and be able to login to the banner page of all the APs to make firmware updates, etc. after they are provisioned. Should I do some things to them before I pair them with the main router?

Haven’t use my Convexa for a while but what I would do is setup the slave node before meshing by:

Setup static IP address on master node
Setup remote access

Then setup the mesh. If your having issues with mesh see my (very old) meshing instructions found here that may assist.

@limibot. OK. Yes, I do recall reading your earlier post and I’ve done pretty much what you have advised. I can see ip addresses for all three routers when I scan my network but I can only access the banner page of the master router and it doesn’t appear the sub-routers are using backhauling. Must the master
router be connected to the LAN switch by both the WAN and LAN ports, or only the LAN as I currently have? .I guess I’ll keep tinkering.

If I remember correctly you have to have an active\live port connection in the WAN port of the master mode before starting the mesh.