How to add back NAS on 4.x firmware for AR300M-16?

I have a Shadow AR300M-16 router that works MUCH better while traveling in different countries with the beta 4.x software. Connections were difficult to repeat with the 3.x software. Therefore, I am motivated to keep the 4.x beta software on my router. The problem is that the 4.x removes the NAS feature. This may be due to limited disk space on the device.

I did find easy instructions on how to add back in the NAS feature here:

But I need more space in order to do this. Are there packages or languages that I can remove in order to free up space? I’m not sure what I can / cannot remove and still maintain the other functions. Of course, deleting a “large” package would be preferable to deleting several smaller ones. Does anyone have any guidance on this? Thanks!!

The newer firmware takes too much of the limited memory to be able to have extra features available so they cut down to the bare basic features of the device to keep it functioning.

The only way to have NAS on a device where it was removed between fw3 and fw4 is to downgrade to fw3 or upgrade to a new device with enough memory. I have 2 beryl mt1300 on my network that will lose the NAS function in fw4.

I did leave a post in the suggestions thread to ask for expansion of the internal memory via a memory card so modules could be added, which IS possible if the firmware is written to allow it, but I doubt it’ll come to fruition. If you fancy leaving a like on it then it may help get it noticed.

So summary is, downgrade your device back to fw3 or buy a device with a big internal memory for the firmwares to come. I’d recommend the BERYLAX (MT3000). It’s quite impressive and pocket sized. Wifi6 and all the gubbins you need.

Thanks for the reply. I already have the Beryl you mention… and it is an amazing router! I would bring it with me, except I have limited space and power. We are often off the grid and I need to setup a network using a battery pack. The AR300 sips power compared to the Beryl. Also, the AR300 is so small - it packs in my extremely limited space.

I feel like there is something that could be deleted to make space… functionality that isn’t used. I’m just not sure what can be deleted safely… and how much space the NAS stuff requires. I feel like it is possible with the existing hardware.

If gl.iNet made a router the same form factor and power usage as the Ar300… but with enough space to install what is needed, I would just buy it! Thanks for making your suggestions to them about external storage. There seem to be threads on how to do that.

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When you delete a package from the firmware ROM, the storage space is not actually freed up. The /overlay filesystem only sets a “deleted” flag.

I would have preferred that GL.iNet keep the NAS packages and remove some other packages instead.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet


The GL-AR300M not 16 comes with 128 MB nand flash, which would make it fit. I do not know if GL-iNet left the NAS feature in that version(NAND) of the firmware.


Ah, yes! I did thinking about buying the non-16 version. I already wrote to their tech support and they said two things:

  1. Not sure if it will work (I don’t understand why). They said it would need a field test.

  2. They plan to discontinue that model. In fact, they have none in stock. The 16 is the replacement for that model. I’m not sure why they would discontinue the “better” of the two…? Maybe I’d buy a used one if it turns out that it would indeed resolve this issue.


I know chip shortages led to some of GLi’s product discontinuations recently.