Lost mesh and Luci after 3.211 firmware update (GL-B1300)

Hi, I’ve just upgraded the firmware to 3.211.

I have three meshed B1300s, but now they’re no longer meshed.

I now also lost Luci.

Has no one else encountered the same issue? In that case, I wonder what I did wrong…

You can install LuCI again by clicking on the button. GL.iNet did not include it in the firmware.

You may have redo the mesh.

Thanks, I didn’t know that LuCI is no longer included in the firmware.

I’ve also reset all of my B1300s, but they still won’t mesh with each other :frowning:

The mesh LED would just blink and nothing happens.

You can try reinstalling the previous firmware version.

I recently did a new mesh with 3.211 beta 6 on an S1300 (master) with 2 B1300 slaves.

Don’t know if this assists:

I tested and mesh works. It just takes exteremely long to build the mesh.

I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but I still can’t mesh all three.

Will it help the mesh process if I connect the routers with lan cable?

Thank you

You’d better not connect lan cable.

Main node: Cable connected to the WAN port. Set up it.
Sub node: do not connect any cables. Do not set up. Fresh flashed 3.211 firmware.

Press mesh button on the main node until middle LED flashes quickly.
Press mesh button on the sub node until middle LED flashes quickly.

Wait and it will mesh.

Thanks, let me try resetting everything again.