Missing v3.104 firmware for unbricking AR730S

I have an old Slate that I am reconfiguring. It was on version 2.X but it had issues so I have tried to upgrade to the latest. I tried the images from the download centre, and the only one that worked was version 3.0 Clean (without LuCI). The other images ran into the old issues of the image sizes being too big for the Slate uboot to handle.

I have read multiple threads about unbricking and updating the Slate (see below). I also updated uboot to uboot-gl-ar750s-20201222. However, I need image 3.104 to complete the process, and this is no longer available in the download centre so I am stuck.

Does anyone know where I can find the image, or know of any other way to get the Slate to update to latest?

Threads I have been following:

Thanks in advance!

I was one that have the file size issue. Updating the uBook fixed it. Follow the instruction from alzhao in the second link above.

I did that, but it still failed on the 3.105 image. I will try again and report back.

If you have already update the uboot, you don’t need 3.104. Just use 3.105 and later.