MT-6000 Temperature sensor

I just noticed the MT-6000 doesn’t have a temperature sensor or a least it’s not showing on the UI

It it’s me or it’s by design?


None of the non portable devices show it in the GUI.

You can use SSH to get the temperature:
awk '{print $1/1000}' /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

Yeah, this it’s my first non portable GL.iNet router :sweat_smile:

If you setup collectd in Luci, and install the collectd-mod-thermal plugin you’ll get thermal graphs - the plugins are great and incredibly simple to setup.

Thanks for the suggestion :call_me_hand:

Here’s what it looks like - as you can see there’s plugins to monitor my internet, cpu, wifi, etc

Wondering why the dev’s where so lazy and didn’t add the feature like the small routers, I mean the hardware capability it’s there so why not? :person_facepalming:



Not sure either, but to be honest I only use Luci and not the GL front end…I wanted something highly customisable but with good hardware support for OpenWRT. Fantastic little box…makes a better security appliance than the more expensive UniFi solutions.

Yeah I know right, but to be honest I just mess with LuCI from time to time, most of the time I just want to open the app get it done and move alone :rofl:

It would be great to have alerts on temperature on GoodCloud. If this is something easy to do for developers, then that would be great

It is not a question about laziness. It is more an issue about the users. See the temperature display discussion was made before.
Take a search here in the forum about the Slate AX.

... a lot of explaining and misunderstandings.