MT1300 Stability report thread

Hello Good People,

As there are many users report MT1300 has stability issues, or crashes and reboot itself, we compiled a firmware that can store log when the router crashes.

The firmware is here

Download the openwrt-mt1300-3.203-0826-oops-track.bin and flash to your router.

When the route crash and reboot, you can use the following command to get the log.

dd if=/dev/mtd7 of=/last.log

You can get the log using winscp, scp etc and post in this thread.

Until now, we are not so sure about the root reason of router reboot and need more people help us.


This firmware was stable for me for 10 days with WAN in repeater mode (I haven’t tried with cable). I had to unplug it when we returned home.