MT3000 company requirements

Hi, I am handling out this router to a few of my staff. but I later realized it doesnt have wireguard functions for them to connect back to office…

What are your requirements for WG? The MT3000 does support WG.

auto reconnect/login to company server… or openVPN is fine… for some reason my router firmware is a CN variant…a few of the previous AR750s is able to connect fine… but the the new MT3000. i havent bought alot of MT3000 but would need to know if all the MT3000 are different from advertisted

China versions of GL.iNet routers no longer have VPN functionality and VPN installation is locked out, so do not buy from China:

GL.iNet routers from other countries have the VPN functionality, so that should work for you.

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ah dammit. I already have 1 unit on hand from china… any means to flash it?