MUDI GL-E750 - Turn off modem completely?

Hi, got the MUDI for a few days, and was surprised that the 7000mAh battery that feeds a device solely as router purpose last shorter than a mobile phone with half the battery capacity. And such a bulky wifi egg barely last one full day.

Anyway, I am not making complaint. The device is meeting my expectation otherwise. What I want to do is to try to minimize battery usage as possible, e.g. turn off unused services as far as possible. I have made reference to this page:

and found that even if I use the uqmi command, I cannot completely turn off the modem. May I ask what action is needed if I want to completely turn of the modem (not just disconnecting the connection)?

Also, I seem to have seen requests in the forum earlier about turning off wifi/modem when the device goes to standby mode. May I ask whether this is under development in future firmware? I do not mind if it takes slightly more time to resume from standby, and I think we should at least be given this option.

I would also like to suggest that, since it is a travel router, the option to enable/disable roaming services should be made more easily accessible, than a manual input of AT command.

Thank you very much.

In my experience with the v1 mudi, if you press the power button it puts it in a standby mode. This turns all radios off including WiFi and then modem into a semi hibernate state. You can press it again to turn the standby mode off. See if this helps with longivity.

I’ve done some study before I post. According to this post, standby mode doesn’t stop the radio. The reason for that is it takes 30s to 1min to reconnect. I would assume the wifi is up as well.

Actually I am fine with a manually triggered standby mode that stop radio and all wifi (upstream/downstream), or only allow upstream wifi if it is already connected. What I want to achieve is that the device can easily survive a day (12-15 hours) without charging.

Also, I have checked the list of current feature request 2023 and found nothing remotely relevant to this.

You can try adding a hefty (e.g., 20,000mAh), if you can live with more size and weight. I actually carry such a powerbank even when travelling, just in case.

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