Need your help in testing Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) new beta firmware v4.5.7

We need your help to test the latest beta firmware. This update is designed to fix known vulnerabilities and enhance Wi-Fi stability and speed for our users.

We value your feedback, so please share your thoughts here. Your input will help us improve the firmware further.

You can download the latest firmware here: GL.iNet download center


So, short feedback: 4.5.7 from 2024-03-05 improved my Wi-Fi 5 GHz speed.
Before it was like 1100/200 Mbps, now it’s 1441/432 Mbps

Upload is nearly doubled, which is great.
AGH works, WireGuard client works - I am nearly happy right now.


The power is the same?
Checking on WiFi Analyser, the power is about 6dB higher on this new firmwares using the new Mediatek (or whatever) driver

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That’s on OpenWRT 21.02 correct?..I’m not sure for me it’s worth falling back to that old OpenWRT version as I don’t use wifi (I’m totally wired) except for a wifi thermostat connected to wifi elsewhere in the house.

Same, 3 days up. No issues AT ALL. The connection issues I had seems to be gone away

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I encountered the same issue of PPPoE keep connecting. The temporary solution is to disable IPv6 first then the PPPoE will be connected right away, after connected you can enable IPv6 again.

It’s kind of tricky procedure.

Indeed, it’s 21.02.

If Wi-Fi isn’t a big deal for you, you should stay with plain OpenWrt then.

Just flashed back and works fine on my dumb ap, its safe to keep settings?

Anyway speedtest on cloudflare on my 2.4ghz network:

This is from around 15 meters away, the upload may be on a low side but need to recheck this a bit closer.

speedtest reports:

I think you guys onto something here, 4.5.7 from 03/05 it’s been really stable for me so far and my latency it’s been cut in half, it’s screaming fast on all my test that’s really good.

Full disclaimer, I’m using my Flint2 as AP with double NAT until I feel it’s ready to be my gateway :person_shrugging:

ps. I really wish you guys are able to bring the firmware to use a more updated version of the OpenWRT base.

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I can say that the improvement, especially in terms of stability, this point has improved a lot! I’m already running the new beta version since its launch yesterday!

My 2.4Ghz network became more stable and performance improved significantly. It’s not ideal yet, but it’s better!

I also stopped having problems with ppoe!

Best regards!


HI. Is fw 4.5.7 dated 05-03-2024 based on openwrt 23.05?

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I just upgrade to the latest beta (release5) but the previous beta seemed really stable, no issues at all, the connection drops I was having (likely related to DNS) on 4.5.6 are gone away now, so definitely good progress has been made

There appears to be an issue with GoodCloud. I have it enabled, however, it shows offline on the goodcloud portal. I was previously running it fine on 4.5.6. Going to 4.5.7 beta I did a clean install and configured everything once again. Below are the logs, with sensitive information redacted.

Fri Mar  8 17:50:14 2024 daemon.err gl-cloud[27414]: (gl-cloud:255) fetch server fail:-4	token invalid
Fri Mar  8 17:50:14 2024 daemon.err gl-cloud[27414]: (gl-cloud:510) reconnect mqtt in 160s...
Fri Mar  8 17:52:54 2024 gl-cloud[27414]: (gl-cloud:164) fetch ca from:
Fri Mar  8 17:52:54 2024 gl-cloud[27414]: (gl-cloud:230) fetch server from:

Please try this:

Oh, thanks a lot! That worked :slight_smile: So I gladly report that I have no issues. Wired and wireless speeds are great with all of my devices so far. AdGuardHome working well, Wireguard VPN client and PPPoE as well, although I did change some configs as it was suggested for PPPoE in the main MT-6000 thread.

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I’m getting impressive iperf3 results reaching upto 1.32 Gbit when using my Pixel 7 and running the iperf3 server directly on the GL-MT6000.

5GHz, 160MHz + irqbalance enabled (but i don’t think irqbalance makes a huge difference).

The Wireguard WiFi speed is with the Pixel 7 better compared to my AX210 WiFi adapter.

The LAN Wireguard speed is still the same and reaching upto 850 Mbit.

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Firmware 4.5.7 (5/Mar/23)

My Google Pixel 7 is going offline and online again by no reason, randomly.

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