New firmware version 4.6 being released for beta testing

Which device, I'm not seeing this on the Beryl AX

I didn't write the device down, sorry, anyway it is the Flint 2
Happens randomly, to resume operation I have to unplug the power supply

Can you also add random radios MAC (aka BSSID), please?

This is serious issue for travel routers as they BSSID always visible to nearby devices and possibly can be recorded to track your portable router. Good article about this.

Also static MAC on radios with vendor prefix can possibly help attacker because he/she will know your device vendor and try to exploit related vulnerabilities (he will potentially have 90 days for this until GL will patch possible vulnerability). Once more, for home routers it is not so critical but when you are travelling and connecting to random WLANs and being in random crowded areas it is more possibility to be attacked.

For home routers it is not as critical as for travel ones, but you can still be somewhat less private because of this or this databases.

The best way to fix this would be adding toggle to GL GUI that will allow user to set new MAC (aka BSSID) each reboot.

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Device: Flint 2
I also notice a huge CPU load (usually around 1)
with relative slowing down of the connection... normally above 1Giga, when there is this CPE load instead less than 10M

for me 4.6.0 is too unstable even for a beta, I went back to 4.5.8

What features do you use? How fast is your internet?
My load is totally fine so far:

We're working on fixing it, I'll confirm which day the snapshot version fixes it.

I think it was a mistake ...... they shouldn't have been released.
We need to focus on this batch of models first.

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Can you try the latest Snapshot firmware? It should have fixed.

We'll talk about that. We have received a number of similar requests.

I use these features:

  1. configured but not used Wireguard VPN
  2. adguard home upgraded via your demon
  3. IPv6
  4. in addition, I installed luci-app-qos via LuCI

I also configured static IP addresses and the Firewall, WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz (160MHz)

My connection is 5GigaETH aggregated but I use the 2.5Giga provided by the connection between the provider's ONT and Flint2, although in reality, since a few firmwares it does not go above 1G (still more than enough).

Could you please SSH into your router and run top
Let it run for a few seconds and do a screenshot to upload it here?
So we can see which processes are idle and which are the CPU burners :fire:

Quitting top with CTRL+C

I could no longer do the test because it made the ETH connection slow to the point of blocking I couldn't work, so last night I downgraded to 4.5.8 and everything worked properly again.
Over the weekend I will try to see if I can reinstall 4.6.0 and test when the CPU is overloaded


mt6000 snapshot released. install and report bugs to the devs thus helping to build a beta or stable free from major bugs.

You should not install snapshots on a device which is not dedicated for testing.


That's why I mentioned installing and reporting bugs for fixes in the beta and stable versions. Everyone installs at their own risk. but I always used snapshots and reported bugs that were later fixed by the devs.

The GoodCloud issue has been resolved on this snapshot?

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I don't know, I use wireguard instead of goodcloud.

In Flint 2 4.6.0, the Plugins/Opkg feeds have been changed from what they were in 4.5.7/4.5.8, and now packages like sqm won't install.


It really won't be installed because it is pulling the packages for the 6.6.30 kernel over the 24.xx firmware If you look at the configuration directly in luci you can change to the correct packages. remembering that because it is a snapshot, this solution is generally done by the user himself.


For sure. I am not asking for tech help per se. I thought I would report the change in case it was an oversight. I appreciate your help though!