Does anyone know if it’s possible to install pi-hole on my GL-AR750?
If it’s not possible, could someone with coding skills make it a Plug-in?

I run a pi-hole at home and it stops most all ads and tracking. I love it.

Thank you!!!

Perhaps package adblock with or without luci-app-adblock would cover your needs.


I’m not familiar with the programs you listed.
I assume these load on the router.
Will these “ad block” for all connected devices behind the router?
This is what I’m looking for. It would be nice to also add custom block lists.

If there are any docs for these programs and how to install/config please point to them.


If you have your router’s clients accepting what you suggest as DNS for them and supply DNS from your router, yes, that is the intent. Yes, they load on the router. See, for example Applications - GL.iNet Docs

Another option that I understand is more sophisticated than adblock (which meets many peoples’ needs, from what I have read) is


Yes, all devices going through your GL-iNet router will pass through the adblocker.

You can add your own domains to whitelist or blacklist. You can add URLs to your own blocked hosts or domains lists to block/whitelist

Install (via SSH), can do via the packages in GL-Inet interface or LUCI as well

Keep this in mind.


Thanks. I’ll give this a try in the next few days.

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This did exactly what I wanted. I followed the instructions on the openwrt ad-blocking guide and all seems to work. I added the adguard source for extra blocking since it seemed to have the largest block list.
In crontab -e I added:

0 06 * * * /etc/init.d/adblock reload

Thanks for all the help!!!

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Pi-Hole now works on Brume GL-MV1000

You may also try AdGuard