Puli / GL-XE3000 ZeroTier Won't Connect


I’m going through setting up my router, installing ZeroTier, and running my SRT cameras to a remote backend. I auto-set up my router successfully, and connected my ZT network to my router flawlessly with the help of instructions. Everything was set. I was then configuring everything within my ZT Network to try to get it all up and running, and after running a different router into my switch and computer to reset my other camera’s IP addresses I have completely lost the ability to connect to my ZT network.

I’ve tried factory resetting, updating the firmware to the most current version, disabling and re-enabling ZT from the ZT section of the WebUI, unauthorizing and reauthorizing the router within ZT, and still nothing.

Anyone have any experience in this situation?

Can you ping your ZT IP of the XE3000?

Hi admon! I appreciate your response! I actually found another forum that looks to have an almost identical situation here that I didn’t see at first. I’ve “Continued the discussion” of that forum and would love help on that post if possible!

I’ve put a more complete picture of the situation and where I’m currently at within that post.

Thanks again!