Spitz AX (GL-X3000) - using ATT


A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a Spitz AX to use with an unlimited AT&T data sim I’ve had for years. It is 4g/LTE and uses the ‘broadband’ apn. I’ve used this sim in a variety of devices, the latest was the Spitz GL-X750V2.

When I first received the Spitz AX I logged in to the web console, set the admin password, set the IMEI, updated the apn to match my sim card and then powered the router off. I put my AT&T sim card in the router, powered it on and after a couple of minutes it connected to the network. I logged back in to the web console and saw there was a firmware upgrade available. I downloaded and installed the upgrade. After the upgrade, I could not connect to the AT&T network.

I took the sim card out of the Spitz AX and put it back in my Spitz GL-X750V2. I could not connect to the AT&T network using the Spitz GL. I called AT&T and found that my sim had been locked. I gave them the IMEI I was using with the Spitz GL and was able to re-connect to the AT&T network.

Over the next week or so I kept trying the sim card in the Spitz AX. I reset the router several times; tried different AT&T apns; tried various TTL settings. I searched through the GL-inet forums for a solution, but could not find one that would work or allow me to connect to the AT&T network. Frustrating.

After spending a week of trying various things I FINALLY figured out a solution. When I first got the router I think it was on firmware version June 25, 2023. I wasn’t paying close attention to what firmware the router shipped with: LESSON LEARNED - write down what firmware version the router shipped with.

This afternoon I flashed the router to the June 25, 2023 version of the firmware. Connected to the router, set the password, synced the time, set the APN. The router connected to AT&T BUT I kept getting a certificate error and could not navigate to websites.

I then downloaded and flashed the July 7, 2023 version of the firmware. Went through the same setup procedure and I was finally able to connect to AT&T and access the internet! Router worked as it should.

I then tried the September 8, 2023 version of the firmware. This one also worked.

I then tried the November 15, 2023 version of the firmware. FAIL. The router kept trying to connect but would not. I do not know why. This is exactly how the latest/December 14. 2023 firmware version acted: tried to connect but would not, repeatedly.

I re-installed the September 8, 2023 version of the firmware and could connect to the AT&T network. I don’t know what changed from the September 8, 2023 version, but it would not allow my AT&T sim to connect.

Hope this helps.



@Dipin Maybe you can have a look?


I don’t mind helping, as others like me might find the solution. Just let me know what information you need to see what the issue is. Thanks.


He is one of the GLinet team member, I am not :slight_smile:

Hello EricG and thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate your patience as our R&D team is currently analyzing the situation and will keep you updated on our progress.

Hi EricG:

I have test AT&T.And not found the issue.

If it’s convenient for you,Please share the device with this account ‘gl.inet_support’ via cloud platform.

I will check it remotely.

Eric thank you for taking the time to post this. I was bashing my head trying to figure it out. I am also on AT&T and the December firmware connected to the SIM and tower, but could not ping anything online. Reverting to the September firmware worked


Glad to hear that reverting back to the September firmware worked and that it wasn’t just me. Over the weekend, I flashed the December version again to test but it still does not work. I’m not sure what changed after the September firmware that does not allow the sim card to connect to the AT&T network?

I haven’t had a chance to share access to my router with the GL-INET team as I don’t currently have another internet source to set the router up in repeater mode so they can check the router.

If a new firmware version comes out, I’ll try it and see if it works.



Hi username1:

Can I check the issud remotely?If it is convenient for you, you can share the device to this cloud platform account ‘gl.inet_support’.I will check it remotely.


When you did the update did you keep settings? Curious, as I am running the December update and have no problems connecting to at&t


No, I did not keep settings when I flashed to the December version of the firmware.


@username1 @EricG

This AT&T-type SIM card has the same mnc/mcc as Verizon.It causes the program to misjudge.

Recently purchased the Spitz AX (GL-X3000). I also purchased an AT&T 5G (Data Only) Sim card. I have not been able to connect to the internet. The firmware I am currently using is the most recent (December 14, 2023-0404). After reading this post it appears I might need to reset my firmware to a previous one. Is there a correct procedure on resetting the firmware (sim card in or out during update)? Do I need reset the router. On the web console (Admin. Panel) I have the following settings:
Protocol: QCM (unable to change this)
Port: /dev/mhi_QM10
APN: Broadband (not totally positive this is correct)
PIN: Optional
TTL: Optional
TTL IPv6: Optional
MTU: Optional
Authentication: None
Totally new to this setup. Am I missing something or many things: smiley: that is preventing me from connecting to cell data service.


Can you guys try the “nrbroadband” APN? I have a 5G AT&T SIM and that’s the one I use.


Thanks for the information on why the December version of the firmware isn’t working with my AT&T sim card. Is there a solution for this? Why does the September version of the firmware work and not the November or December version?

Switching back to the September version until a solution is found. Thanks.


@kennethrc this thread is not about APN issues. nrbroadband is preferred because you can connect to 5G - that is my understanding (though when I connect via broadband APN I apparently get 5G NSA in the GUI and the same speeds as nrbroadband). This of course depends on the type of plan you have with ATT.

Ekko, as Eric and I have pointed out, the December firmware is not working for us and you’ll need to revert to September currently to get it to work.

Eric and Thomasinaz, I did keep my settings when I flashed the December version.

lizh thank you for your response, I am not available for remote connection.

I figured it was worth a shot, as it’s my understanding that the “default” APNs that are tried per-carrier are also programmed into the FW and perhaps it was left out of the December FW?

FWIW, I had to manually add that APN to get connected, but I’m using (well was, but that was due to another issue) the December FW and have otherwise had no connectivity issues.

Thank you, I will check the back if I get it to work by reverting the firmware. Being a newbie, I will look for the best pathway on how to change my firmware.

Where did this chart come from? The mcc/mnc for Verizon is 311/480.