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Bonsoir est ce normal que je ne peux précommander.? Je suis en France

Bonjour @tggege
Vous devez désactiver votre VPN, et laisser le site Web vous rediriger vers le magasin européen pour pouvoir précommander.
J’espère que cela aide!
(Ceci a été traduit par une intelligence artificielle. Nous pouvons fournir un support plus complet en anglais)

  1. Are the AT commands for the old LTE routers going to be the same in the new Spitz AX? Just wondering if this specific command for this is the same as the link below.


  1. Does the new Spitz AX have standard security or do I need to use an optional VPN for routing security?

  2. When will the new Spitz AX be listed on USA Amazon?

  3. How long are your devices firmware supported?

  4. Is the Radio Band shown in the admin panel? If Cellular is connected to Band 2 does it show B2 anywhere?


To answer your first question I used the very same command as my EC25 powered x750v2 to “reset” the IMEI.
To my knowledge the RM520GL should use standard Quectel commands for most things.

Thanks for that & just to be clear you have the new Spitz AX & have made it work using the existing command?

Does the 5g version has WISP? [quote=“NeedForInternet, post:1, topic:28995”]
Spitz AX(GL-X3000)

I have the Flint and the Slate AX and they are fine reaching up to 500 Mbps Wireguard speeds, but they would be perfect if Wireguard can go up to 1 Gbps.

I was looking for an upgrade to my Flint with LTE and 5G but unfortunately, this Spitz AX is a no buy for me, even if I was excited about the product.

There is a 2.5 Gbps WAN and 2.4 Gbps Wifi… but then Wireguard is only 300 Mbps.

There is space for 2 sims, which is great… but I wish there was esim support.
This could be inserted manually via web interface, or the mobile app for example.
I also wish there is an option to change the IMEI manually.

I am a foreigner living in Turkey, so my conditions are a bit special.
I need Wireguard to bypass censorship as I work online.
Foreigner IMEI gets blocked after 4 months of use in the country with local cards. You can pay to register it, but you can only register a device every 3 years and it’s as expensive as the product.
Alternatively, you can change to a foreigner SIM card but those also get blocked after 4 months, so you have to keep replacing them. Esim would make sense here.
My house is on a newly developed area, so mobile signal is quite poor there, but my 1 Gbps fiber sometimes has issues so it would be fine to have a fallback directly on the router, with better range than my mobile phone hotspot.

Waiting for a product like this with better Wireguard speeds and esim support, but while I can live with replacing sim cards, the 300 Mbps limit on wireguard is a no go.

You can change IMEI numbers on the Spitz AX modem with a simple command from the GUI.
If VPN speed was the most important thing for me I would look into a quad core x86 box and run that behind the Spitz even an older desktop computer should work.

Hi, does anyone know if it will be possible to purchase only the router as I already have a modem that will work? TIA.

Changing imei, is pretty handy, but for wireguard using another box is cumbersome, especially for traveling. Maybe a raspberry pi, but still it would be extra equipment.
Well, hopefully product management is listening… it shouldn’t be difficult to add more cpu power to their products in the future to account for these things.