Time period for WPA3. Better WPA3 beta, than 14 years old and broken PWA2

  • What are the time frame for offering WPA3 support ?

  • Its looks for me it will be better to support a WPA3 Beta, than to support longer 14 years old and broken PWA2.

It is already supported by the hostap code base, which provides hostapd (AP) and wpa_supplicant (STA and 802.11s mesh). The upstream OpenWrt group is still sorting out some of the interoperability issues (iPhones, for example).

I am not a GL.iNet staff member, so I can’t comment on when those changes might be adopted to the GL.iNet code base. I would guess that it will be sometime after OpenWrt releases 19.07, or perhaps 20.01.

Yeah as soon as 19.07 lands there should be a GL update shortly after.

GL has been testing the master branch extensively to avoid any surprises and it has worked good.

But as stated in other threads, GL wants to only build on the release versions for the userbase, so we just have to wait for that :slight_smile:

It can be, the 19.07 update are a goot time to replace the unsecure and broken (MD5?) firmware update validation check, by a little bit more secure hash like SHA-256. That will protect the firmware update process against manipulation on transmission channel.

WPA2 has not been marked as unsecure yet, so there is no need to panic.

The OpenWRT team have been fixing bugs with 19.07 still, so it would be worse for the end user to update to that prematurely.

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older iphones that are not supported by newer IOS releases. it’s not just iphones, but a lot of wpa/wpa2 compliant devices.

And yes, there are issues with the transition code from upstream.


Two different issues, and even there - the current MD5 is probably ok - would be nice to get to sha256 for firmware signing, but I fail to see how this is related to WPA3