Pimp gl router by most advanced WiFi and LTE

Lets collect a little bit together. What are the best known for replacement:
What are the most advanced cheap WiFi, ideal WIFI6 card for gli ?

What are the most advanced cheap WiFi, ideal WIFI6 USB dongle for gli ?

  • I found only up to 2.4/5.xGHz, up to ac 1200 USB noname dongles, start for around 14USD, and often more expensive one ASUS USB-AC53.
  • Didnt found WiFi6 dongles.

What are the most advanced cheap LTE card for gli ?

  • I found only cheap up to 4G cards for about 15USD incl. transport, like follow:
    • Sierra AirPrime 4G, MC7700 and higher, like MC7355

What are the most advanced cheap WiFi6/LTE combi card ?

What are the most advanced cheap WiFi6/LTE USB dongle ?

Known adapter, for install two cards in one slot ?

Which USB cards or external USB dongle are supportet since which firmware version ?:

Other projects:

Sorry mate! I don’t want to be rude but I see that you have bumped this topic 7 times in the last few hours with no actual change in content from what I can see…

Also, In almost all the threads you post, I see you chasing up the gl.inet folks for schedules and timeframes on minor updates when they are still well within their previously stated timeframe.

Some of your posts are interesting, but overall the expression “like a dog on a bone” comes to mind.

Nobody likes to be hounded over tiny details while trying to get on with work, especially as there is always more going on behind the scenes and updating everyone of the status of every minor detail is not practical.

I’m not even sure if you really actually want or need to know exactly when each little feature is going to be available or fixed.

I don’t think that you intend to badger people to get what you want either.

Honestly I promise that I don’t want to pick on you or make you feel bad - just only to let you know that your behavior comes across a little compulsive and that this is perhaps not the best approach for getting people involved in your posts or requests.

In my experience here, if you take your time, provide the necessary data and have a little patience someone will be there to help. If it takes a little longer than expected, wait a few weeks and give the question a quick bump.

Take it easy :wink:


Relax and enjoy the day. On this occasion, I appreciate that the customers and the shareholders are more open to the continuous improvement of the products.

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Now I have found, a discussion about firmware support and how to configure gl router for add wifi or more actual wifi to router:

By the way:
A list of VPN speed of different gl router models. Open VPN speed of different Gl.iNet router - #5 by Henry_Bruns

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I would stay away from Sierra 3G/4G cards. Their performance has been utter crap in the past, and I haven’t read anything good recently about them.

There’s a reason why GL chose the specific cards they’re supplying with the Mudi, and mine has been performing spectacularly (using the same carrier, my Mudi gets much better signal than my OnePlus 7T Pro in the exact same location).

Any new knowledge about pimp old router ?