Uboot on AX1800 does not work!

You mean set the static ip to instead of, then access for uboot page instead of

yes. ExpressVPN’s AirCove is to blame

They are trying to config the setting for uboot since got Aircove

That is wrong Uboot procedure is

  1. unplug from wall power
  2. have only one ethernet cable plugged in
  3. change computer to static ip of 192.168.1.x( anything up to 254 and not 1)
  4. holding the power button or reset button plug the power back into wall and keep holding power reset button till light goes solid.(if you let go it will not work)
  5. enter into a private widow browser

I did not understand how you did a uboot, please describe with steps, i need to revert the expressvpn to its original openwrt (uboot) but i cant do that with reseting the modem. thank you.

There is two ways of doing this.


  1. With Serial UART connected (Your going to need to solder headers) power on the device
  2. When the prompt comes up with press xv, press xv this will put you in a uboot shell
  3. In That uboot shell type httpd
  4. Now in a web browser type
  5. Now Download and Flash this file UBOOT
  6. Then Repeat the first 3 steps then open browser to `’ and flash gl-inet firmware

Reset Pin Method:

  1. With device powered off press and hold the reset pin hole
  2. Re-insert power to the device still with reset pin held and look at the lights it will flash a few times then go solid.
  3. Now in a web browser type
  4. Now Download and Flash this file UBOOT
    Then Repeat the first 3 steps then open browser to `’ and flash gl-inet firmware

Please make sure you have ethernet set up as static with the following IP and Subnet as Leave everything thing else BLANK. On the reset pin one the IP will change after uboot is flashed to so please adjust your static ip to after.

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it finally worked (option 2). I had to do this several times for some reason. The very last time, I let process (4) take as much time as it needs (several minutes). Not sure whether that was the reason.

Glad you manage to solve the issue.

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now it’s time to flash the router with your openwrt build :slight_smile:

Good timing as there was a new build just made and pushed LOL.


I dont know how to do first method (serial) but i did try the second method but no luck!
after reseting the device and setting ip static on my mac it wont go to and instead it forwards to expressvpn’s setup.

If its forwarding to the ExpressVPN setup your not pressing the reset pin hole down, using a sim eject tool is the perfect size for the little hole.

If you want DM me and i can teamviewer in and assist you.

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@daariush while @solidus1983 is helping you out, the following might help you:

  1. I had to reset it multiple times. ExpressVPN claims at least three times for normal reset.
  2. Not sure if it helps, but I flashed it through the WAN port (probably unrelated)
  3. You want to make sure you get solid white. A solid blue after solid white means normal operation.
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Might I ask how your experience with ExpressVPN’s software was? As someone who mainly uses the modem for global VPN coverage, I might be interested in flashing Aircove OS myself😄

works really well. However you will get limited functionality. For example you won’t be able to run OpenVPN/Wireguard clients anymore. I don’t think you can even set up ddns… etc

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Ended up flashing it on one of my flints last night. Indeed works very well. The VPN grouping options are amazing😄

Sadly it will limit the VPN speed to 180mbps, even with their lightway (wireguard variant) protocol. Used to get 700mbps xD

It’s very stable & looks professional, but the limits it imposes are definitely not worth it. I’ll also be reverting back to GL.iNet’s firmware tonight.

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I’m actually unable to do this now😂

My flint doesn’t want to stay in uboot. I set the static IP to & subnet to

Holding the reset button & plugging in the flint, the led stays white for about 3 seconds, then goes back to blue. It seems to just reboot after entering uboot. As soon as the led turns white I try to access uboot.html, but it’s to slow, router is already rebooting before I can get in :smile: :man_shrugging:

Guess its time to crack open the case and solder the UART connectors on and do it the proper way to recover the device.

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About time I suppose, never had to do it with the flint before, so should be fun :smile::ok_hand:

Its not that hard to do, much easier to do so on Flint then Slate AX. Use 2.5mm pitch headers.

From the side of the LED is GND → RX → TX → V which we don’t use.
A good tip is to remove the heatsink from both back and front should give you nice access.

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